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April 27, 2017 17:12 ET

Vancouver Designer Says Children no Obstacle to Interior Design

Vancouver designer says practical interior design is the ultimate workaround for homes with young children and pets

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - April 27, 2017) - Youth and beauty are practically synonymous, except when it comes to interior design. For many people, the presence of children means compromising their vision for a beautiful home. However, as a Vancouver-based interior designer, and the founder of Curated Home, Chrissy Cottrell says haute homes are achievable for families of all ages and stages with some clever design choices. For more, go to:

"Many people put their vision of creating a beautiful home on hold for the sake of their families," says Chrissy. "It's not unreasonable when you think about it. Young children have to be protected from the beautiful yet delicate objects that can break and cause injury-and there's no point in investing in expensive rugs and drapes that are easily ruined."

However, toddlers don't have to be a barrier to a swoon-worthy home, according to Chrissy. The solution is to make smarter choices. For example, an ottoman is a chic substitute for a coffee table, providing all the style and functionality-without the sharp corners.

Rugs with abstract patterns are more forgiving of stains, providing some camouflage to accidents and spills. Avoid components like black millwork and metal, which will show off little fingerprints. In homes with pets that love to run and play, opt for brushed wood floors will that provide a little more traction-and hide scuffs and scratches.

"I could go on and on, but this isn't a DIY blog," says Chrissy. "My point is to stop making excuses for your 'not-so-lovely space' and live a little. Maybe don't opt for $400 per yard mohair on the dining chairs until the kids are all grown up. But if that's in 10+ years, chances are you will need a bit of a 'refresh' by then anyway."

With some investment, time, and a little guidance, anyone can have a home they want to make memories in and love showing off! To learn more, visit Curated Home at 1637 W 3rd Ave, Vancouver BC, or schedule a complimentary onsite consultation at 604-616-0605.

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