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November 28, 2016 18:27 ET

Vancouver Document Scanning Company Says All Companies Benefit from Paperless Records

Vancouver document scanning and management company explains how going paperless can speed up management and retrieval of important records

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - November 28, 2016) - Going paperless is still a beautiful pipe dream for many companies where paper trails are mandated. As a Vancouver-based scanning company, Micro Com Systems offers a comprehensive document management service to those businesses and organizations who want the freedom to access and share digital records without having to rummage through and manhandle important documents. For more, go to:

Traditionally, businesses filed paper documents in filing cabinets, which was a functional solution, but far from perfect. Files needed to be physically checked in and out, and could only be accessed by one person at a time. Additionally, misplacement and damage could be common occurrences, necessitating replacement requests, which come with a price tag.

Document scanning and digital management means that files can be easily accessed and shared. Security settings can be applied, limiting who can access or alter documents. This means companies/employees have easy access to all the information they need-while important papers remain safe.

Using a document scanning service like Micro Com Systems means there is no capture software to purchase, no expensive high speed scanners, and less strain on valuable IT resources.

This translates into tangible benefits that include costs savings on time, better customer service, and smoother operations. Best of all, you'll probably never have to worry about damaged or missing files again.

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Since 1975, Micro Com Systems has been providing local businesses with Document Management Solutions. Their list of products and services includes: Document Imaging & Management, Archival & Book Scanning, Medical Imaging, OCR, Large Format Scanning, Microfilm Scanning, Aperture Card Scanning, Enterprise Report Management (ERM), High Speed Printing, Capture Software, and Capture Equipment.

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