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August 24, 2016 14:40 ET

Vancouver Fencing Company Offers Redundant Chain-Link Fencing to Control Pet Behaviour

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - August 24, 2016) - Vancouver fencing company publishes blog describing how chain-link fencing and airlocks can be used to keep animals secure and safe

Ever heard of redundant chain-link fencing and airlocks? If you haven't you're not alone. QS Fencing, a repair and installation company based in Vancouver, says these speciality installations are particularly useful for dog-proofing a yard and controlling aggressive pet behaviours. For more, go to

A redundant fence is basically a fence-within-a-fence, and there are plenty of cases where its use is merited. For example, a redundant chain-link fence is great for keeping animals away from a garden or pool.

Fence aggression is another major reason customers request redundant chain-link fencing. Fence aggression is when dogs have consistently strong reactions to stimuli on the other side of the fence. This could be people, traffic, other animals-any number of stimuli can be a trigger.

Aggression from animals is often a reaction from feeling frightened or insecure, so sometimes a little extra space can help solve the problem. If you and a neighbor both have aggressive dogs with a single fence between them, a redundant chain-link fence can act as a buffer that offers peace of mind to both parties.

The blog also offers tips about how redundant chain-link fencing can be customized. For example, privacy slats can enhance the feeling of security simply by obscuring a pet's vision. Additionally, controls like gates and airlocks can also be installed, depending on your individual situation.

Another feature to consider are airlocks with gates, which are commonly found at dog parks and dog training facilities where dogs might be off-leash and leaving a secure space. These are especially useful in areas that need to prevent dogs from accidentally slipping out from an open gate.

As fencing professionals, QS Fencing can help you with all your pet concerns. Whether it's preventing pets from escaping, protecting them from predators, or calming behaviors like barking, pacing, or anxiety, QS Fencing will help you come up with best solutions and provide you with a free estimate.

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