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July 21, 2016 16:22 ET

Vancouver Fire Prevention Company Keeps Strata Housing Safe

Vancouver fire prevention company offers full service fire alarm upgrades and replacements of fire alarm control panels helping to keep strata's compliant with all codes and standards

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - July 21, 2016) - Community Fire Prevention, a Vancouver-based company that specializes in fire safety and prevention, has an important new service applicable to strata complexes of all sizes. Their Fire Alarm Installation Division now specializes in replacing and upgrading fire alarm panels within large mixed use commercial and residential complexes down to smaller single zone sites. Community Fire Prevention knows how to navigate the proper channels to ensure all bylaws are met. This ensures that buildings stay compliant with all applicable codes and manufacturer specifications. For more, go to:

Strata depreciation reports often omit several major factors when budgeting for upcoming fire alarm replacements or upgrades. Avoiding expensive cost overruns for special levies or assessment in the strata world is essential when budgeting.

The knowledgeable staff at Community Fire Prevention can fully explain all options available, and help your strata make an educated decision. Community Fire Protection will navigate the project from engineering and permits to verification and completion to meet all BC Building Codes, Fire Codes, and CAN-ULC Standards.

For example, a key decision that should be reviewed on an individual basis is determining whether or not to convert from a conventional fire alarm system to a fully addressable system.

A Hybrid Fire Alarm System, which utilizes an addressable control panel while keeping existing field devices, may be the most cost effective and best long term play for a site. A Hybrid Fire Alarm System is flexible, allowing for future upgrades and growth. It can also help keep device costs down.

Because Community Fire Prevention stays neutral when sourcing hardware, each site will get only get the equipment it specifically requires -- not what a manufacturer wants to sell. Getting locked in with a specific manufacturer that uses proprietary software can become a very expensive mistake for strata once the work is done.

Get the support you need when it comes to fire protection and prevention. Community Fire Prevention will provide the necessary support to keep your system functional and compliant. Trust these experts to install, test, and maintain your fire alarm system, no matter the size your building.

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Community Fire Prevention is a family owned business that has been servicing Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley since 1986. With 30 years in the fire industry, Community Fire Prevention is relied on by thousands of customers for all of their Fire and Life Safety needs.

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