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January 18, 2017 17:59 ET

Vancouver Lawyers Talk TV Law

Vancouver lawyers publish article discussing how TV law differs from the real deal

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - January 18, 2017) - As a team of Vancouver lawyers, Kushner Group have an interesting blog that tackles how law in the real world differs from TV land. From Silk to Suits, television cases are often wrapped in 42 minutes, while in reality they can go on for days or weeks. With five concise and highly entertaining points, the blog debunks how TV spins courtroom drama to prepare people for the real world experience. For more, go to:

Besides the time difference, one of the most important misrepresentations is that the lawyers on TV seldom appear to do any research, or hand it off to keen-eyed assistants. In fact, research is what will consume the majority of a lawyer's time. Whether you're dealing with a litigator or solicitor, a lot of work goes into case prep-even if it doesn't make for exciting drama.

Other points the blog discusses include the interest factor, the role of fact finder vs. sleuther, and the seemingly endless reservoirs of obscure legal knowledge that all TV lawyers seem to have. In reality, being a lawyer takes a lot of ongoing training. The law is tactile. Besides being detailed and incredibly complex, it changes constantly to reflect updated beliefs, values, and problems challenging society.

"New cases come out every day, and legislatures pass new laws every few years. Lawyers have a professional duty to be informed and up to date in the areas that they practice in. For all these reasons, lawyers tend to specialize in a few areas. This isn't always the case on TV, where big firm lawyers seem to take on cases of every possible nature under the sun."

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