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April 21, 2016 20:43 ET

Vancouver Litigation Lawyers Examine Resolutions Without Trial

Vancouver Lawyers Explain Three Alternative Resolutions to Settle Estate Litigation and Wills Variation Claims

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - April 21, 2016) - Kushner Law Group, a team of litigation lawyers based in Vancouver, have experience as wills & estate litigation lawyers. As a result, they understand the stress involved when family members are involved in disputes over the assets of a recently deceased relative. However, their recent blog provides quick insight into three alternatives to a full-fledged trial. For more information visit:

The first scenario is Resolution by Consent Order. This occurs when all parties involved agree on a resolution. A likely scenario is when a party who has been left with the majority of the estate agrees that their relatives should share in the assets. Agreement by all parties is necessary for resolution, and one party's lawyer, typically the plaintiff, must appear in court to obtain approval from a judge.

Another alternative is Mediation. This is a process where all parties to a lawsuit attend a formal negotiation with a trained mediator who tries to bring everyone into an agreement. Mediation means compromises from all sides, but it can be a useful tool for resolving estate claims.

The final scenario mentioned in the blog is a Summary Trial. These trials are made in chambers. Evidence is presented by affidavit, and typically no witnesses come to give testimony. These trials are much more affordable compared to a full trial. However, they are only appropriate in specific circumstances, and the court may be unwilling to hear the matter as a summary trial if there is an issue of credibility.

Although estate litigation and wills variation claims are often emotionally charged, and the prospect of testifying against a relative can be daunting, a full trial is not always required. From small claims to the Supreme Court, the lawyers at Kushner Law Group have experience representing clients in civil litigation, mediation, and negotiations.

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