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September 19, 2016 11:00 ET

Vancouver Litigation Lawyers Explain How They "Get to Yes"

Litigation Lawyers Explain How the 1981 Bestseller Inspires "Principled Negotiation" to Save Clients Time and Money

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - September 19, 2016) - As a group of Vancouver-based lawyers, the team at Kushner Group explain how Getting to Yes, a non-fiction work by Roger Fisher and William L. Ury, inspires the principled negotiation techniques necessary to prepare for and advance litigation cases. For more, go to:

Negotiation is critical to all types of litigation. Lawyers that are effective negotiators can save clients significant amounts of time and money by framing issues in particular ways and using out-of-court processes to advance litigation cases.

The blog goes on to detail the five specific points used in the "Getting to Yes" model. For example, the first is to separate the people from the problem:

"This principle is especially important in high conflict legal cases, such as estate litigation and family litigation. It means that during a negotiation, it is critical to keep the parties focused on the issues between them and not the personal background or acrimony that created them. Clients can get (often rightfully so) caught up in the emotional aspects of a case, and a good lawyer will understand how to listen to their client but still focus on the actual legal issue-not the emotional history."

Other points include focusing on interests rather than positions, inventing options for mutual gain, using objective criteria, and knowing the best alternative to negotiated agreements.

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