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August 16, 2017 16:12 ET

Vancouver Moving Company Discusses Salvaging Contents after a Fire

Vancouver moving company offers tips on what to expect, and what to do, if you are recovering from fire damage

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - August 16, 2017) - As wildfires sweep through BC, the prospect of having to salvage items from fire-damaged areas is becoming a harsh reality for many BC families. As a Vancouver moving company that's handled a wide variety of scenarios, the team at Ferguson Moving & Storage have published a blog to help people understand the process of reclaiming property, so they can start rebuilding their lives. For more, go to:

Chances are, after safety concerns are addressed, the process to salvage belongings with be a lengthy and specialized process. Many families may have to relocate after a fire, and there may be further moves needed between a home and a specialized facility.

Surprisingly, it's often not the fire itself that ruins a person's belongings, but the smoke, soot, and water. This is where restoration companies come into play. You can refer to the process as explained by one restoration specialist.

The first recourse after a fire is a dependable insurance policy. Insurance should cover the services of a fire restoration company to help determine what can be salvaged after a fire. They will also be able to professionally handle the materials, including those that could potentially be hazardous.

The City of Vancouver publishes a guide on what to do immediately after suffering from a home fire (or other building fire, such as a commercial or community space). For those without insurance, there may be government resources or charities that can help. This can range from shelter services for the first few days after a fire, to extensive financial help (from the BC government), if moving out is imperative.

The blog also lists some resources and links about how to restore a home and everything inside after a fire. It concludes that the best way to protect your possessions is a fire safety plan that includes the right fire ceiling paint, self-closing doors, and other building fixtures that can help prevent the spread of fire damage - as well as save lives.

For help moving to or from a temporary location, give Ferguson Moving & Storage a call. As an experienced Vancouver moving company, they can help coordinate any move, working with restoration specialists as necessary, so people can recover and rebuild their lives.

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