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October 16, 2017 23:47 ET

Vancouver Moving Company Shares Moving Tips When Roof Hauling

Burnaby movers share tips for transporting furniture on top of a car

BURNABY, BC--(Marketwired - October 16, 2017) - As a team of Burnaby movers, Ferguson Moving & Storage have some practical advice for those tempted to try roof hauling. While there's nothing wrong with trying to save a few bucks, some practical thinking can prevent a moving day pickle, as well as some long-term headaches. For more, go to:

First of all, double your insurance and liability before moving any furniture. Recently, a driver in the US was ticketed for overloading the roof of his car with furniture. In BC, it's important to check with ICBC about non-collision damage and equipment damage or loss (see page 12 of this document). It's hard to find information about coverage for items strapped to a car. If necessary, call to find out the rules regarding what is being transported atop the car.

It's important to understand that it's not just about protecting your own car and property. What if the furniture flies off on a freeway and hits someone else's windshield? Or, as Popular Mechanics put it, "don't be an idiot."

Remember to follow weight allowances pertinent to the vehicle in question. Moving anything on top of a car can damage it. Even the tie-down process can affect the weather stripping on car doors, which can eventually lead to leaks. It's not worth saving money on a move if those savings have to be channelled back towards car repair. Hire a professional moving company for the heavy, clunky stuff-or rent a truck made for moving.

It's necessary to have the right moving straps or loading straps and a good understanding of tying knots. It's also prudent to have some foresight about how to access and move around the car to get the furniture secured to the roof.

If roof hauling looks to be too complicated, there are other options. For example, hitching a trailer to the back of a car or borrowing a friend's truck or SUV. Of course, for the best and safest results, call Ferguson Moving & Storage at 604-922-2212.

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