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August 23, 2017 14:16 ET

Vancouver Soccer Goal Company Publishes Tips for Attacking in Soccer

Vancouver soccer goal company shares five habits shared by highly effective attacking players

VANCOUVER, BC --(Marketwired - August 23, 2017) - Farpost Goals regularly publishes tips and techniques to help young soccer players improve on their game. As a company that manufactures portable aluminum soccer goals, Farpost has teamed up with Karl Dewazien, better known as Koach Karl, to share the fundamentals of youth soccer. Their latest blog focusses on the Five Rs of attacking. For more, go to:

In a nutshell, the five Rs for attacking techniques (when a player is in possession of the ball) include:

Reading the game
Running to attack
Receiving the ball
Retaining the ball and
Releasing the ball

For example, READING the GAME involves glancing to memorize the ball in flight. Learn to look left and right and take the eyes off the ball during the serve. Learn to analyze the present situation and anticipate future options.

When RUNNING, it's important for players to learn how to position themselves to help teammates and hinder opponents. Using either support runs, check runs, or dummy runs, train players to walk, jog, or sprint at the appropriate time to support the attack.

For players RECEIVING the ball, it's imperative to learn how to bring it under control. Meet the ball and move into the line of flight. Greet it, using the magic hop to relax the cushioning body part. Train players towards not letting the ball bounce or get by them.

RETAINING the ball is fairly straightforward-it's important for players to keep the ball under control at all times. Train players to meet the opponent by going at them and forcing them to defend. Then greet opposing players with fakes and feints to throw them off balance, then beat the opponent by exploding past and taking the ball.

Finally, RELEASING the ball is about passing and scoring. Players must learn how to push the ball to keep it slightly ahead, while peeking to understand the positions of teammates and the goal. The final objective, of course, is placing the ball into the goal.

The blog emphasizes the need for players to learn the benefits of accuracy over power. There is also a simple diagram that defines key objectives for players, depending on their place in the field.

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