SOURCE: Vanu Inc.

November 12, 2007 14:47 ET

Vanu, Inc. and Mid-Tex Cellular Launch Cellular Industry's First System to Simultaneously Operate CDMA and GSM on a Single Platform

Software Radio Offers Rural Carriers More Flexibility, Increased Roaming Revenue and Decreased Costs

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - November 12, 2007) - Vanu®, Inc., a leader in the development of software radio technology, and Mid-Tex Cellular, a rural cellular operator in central Texas, announced today that they have launched the cellular industry's first commercial network to simultaneously operate both CDMA and GSM wireless standards on a single system. The enabling technology, Vanu's Anywave® software radio, delivers the Radio Access Network (RAN) that supports both standards.

The commercial deployment of the Anywave multi-standard infrastructure represents a watershed event for emerging wireless technologies. This announcement is proof that operators can deploy more than one wireless standard on a single system, thereby allowing them to increase revenue opportunities from existing spectrum while minimizing capital and operating expense.

"To keep pace with large regional and nationwide carriers, rural operators are continually faced with the need to purchase and support separate networks based on different standards," said Vanu Bose, CEO of Vanu, Inc. "The industry is witnessing the fulfillment of a software radio vision, unmatched by traditional cellular networks, where one system operates multiple standards, and that represents the road to new revenue streams."

Toney Prather, CEO of Mid-Tex, commented, "This is a very important program for our company and represents a major milestone in our efforts to be a leader in providing cellular service in rural Texas. By choosing the Anywave network, we've enjoyed the ability to add standards rapidly, to support more customers, and to enter into new agreements with national carriers for incremental roaming revenue."

Traditionally, cellular operators use single standard, high-cost infrastructure that requires dedicated hardware and duplicates operating expense for each wireless standard that is deployed. With the Vanu Anywave solution, Mid-Tex Cellular built one RAN to accommodate both GSM and CDMA, and the same platform will enable the addition of 3G technologies via remote software downloads. The download of CDMA has allowed Mid-Tex to evaluate the standard's performance, including roaming revenue potential, without a large capital outlay.

"We did not have to buy new equipment to add CDMA to our existing GSM system, and that allowed us to create an additional revenue stream for the company without a tremendous capital expenditure. Plus, all of this was done inside the existing footprint of our current infrastructure and was implemented remotely using software downloads with no need for cell site visits. This dramatically reduced our time-to-market while saving us considerable operating costs today and in the years ahead," continued Prather.

In 2004, with analog subscribers comprising their entire customer base, Mid-Tex installed the Anywave GSM system and was quickly able to establish roaming agreements with AT&T and T-Mobile. With the recent addition of CDMA to the same network, Mid-Tex has added Verizon and Alltel as roaming partners.

Vanu's Anywave system features an open standard architecture using off-the-shelf servers for signal processing, which avoids proprietary hardware lock-in. This ensures that operators always have a choice of suppliers and are utilizing the latest computer processing advances, which enables carriers to leverage ongoing price-performance improvements throughout the life of the network.

Vanu, Inc. is the first company to receive FCC certification for a Software Radio base station. In addition to deploying the country's first commercial Software Radio solution in 2003, Vanu was named the top Wireless Technology for 2007 by IEEE Spectrum magazine.

About Mid-Tex Cellular

Mid-Tex Cellular, founded in May, 1991, a limited partnership, is controlled by Comanche County Telephone Company, Inc. in DeLeon, Texas. With four customer care centers located in DeLeon, Stephenville, Brownwood and Ballinger, Mid-Tex Cellular has been and remains the only locally owned wireless service provider in the area.

About Vanu, Inc.

Vanu, Inc. ( is the developer of the Anywave® Base Station, the first U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-certified software radio. The Anywave Base Station provides significant advantages over traditional cellular equipment designs including: simultaneous operation of multiple wireless standards on a single platform; the use of general purpose, open standard servers rather than proprietary hardware; remote software downloads to add new wireless standards and system capacity; decreased backhaul costs; and a full range of additional capital and operating cost savings. These benefits come from implementing the signal processing functions of the base station as a high level, software application running on Linux, eliminating the need for costly, specialized hardware. The company delivers Anywave radio access network solutions, licenses its software, and provides design consulting to service providers, system integrators and wireless OEMs. Vanu was founded in 1998 and is based in Cambridge, MA.

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