July 09, 2014 18:06 ET

VapeRev Execs Respond to the Santa Monica City Council's Unanimous Approval of the Drafting of an Ordinance to Regulate the Use of Vaporizers and E-Cigarettes

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 9, 2014) - On June 24, the Santa Monica City Council unanimously approved the drafting of an ordinance to regulate the use of vaporizers -- commonly referred to as electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

With the council direction, City staff will craft an ordinance that would prohibit the use of personal vaporizers wherever traditional cigarettes are also banned -- including public places such as bars, local beaches, nightclubs and restaurants. 

The main issue being debated is whether "vaping" is as harmful to the user and the public as cigarettes. Several speakers during public testimony spoke about the benefits of e-cigarettes and vaporizers -- including the fact that vaping has helped many quit smoking.

Executives from VapeRev (, a groundbreaking Southern California-based vaping shop and distribution company renowned as leader and pioneer in the industry, recently spoke out against the proposal to ban vaporizers at public places in Santa Monica.

Chief Communications Officer Amber Lee, who co-founded VapeRev (formally known as Vape Revolution, LLC) in 2012 with her husband Charn Premyodhin, remarked, "The Santa Monica city attorney stated that there is non-conclusive evidence that vaping is an effective tool for quitting smoking. The research, chiefly funded by Cancer Research UK, suggests that e-cigarettes could play a positive role in reducing smoking rates. 'E-cigarettes could substantially improve public health because of their widespread appeal and the huge health gains associated with stopping smoking,' says Professor Robert West of University College London's (UCL) Department of Epidemiology & Public Health, senior author of the study."

VapeRev Chief Editor and Media Director Celina Tompkins said, "The general opinion opposing e-cigarette products appeared to be nothing more than uninformed beliefs based upon the biased representation of the e-cig industry in mainstream media. For example, City staff stated that 'the most common users are those who also smoke cigarettes,' which is inaccurate. The most common e-cigarette users are actually those who have completely STOPPED smoking traditional cigarettes."

Introducing the vaping community to a dynamic new level of understanding, elegance, sophistication and cool, the rapidly-growing VapeRev is a groundbreaking force in the cultural phenomenon with its vast selection of high-quality "mods" (the beautifully crafted vape devices) and "e-juice" flavors.

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