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Vapor Group, Inc.

May 14, 2014 08:15 ET

Vapor Group, Inc., VPOR, Subsidiary to Begin Test Marketing Direct Sales of E-Liquid Containing CBD Oil

DAVIE, FL--(Marketwired - May 14, 2014) - Vapor Group, Inc., (OTCQB: VPOR), (the "Company", "Vapor Group"), announced that its subsidiary, American Vaporizer, in the next few weeks will start test marketing an e-liquid for vaping containing CBD (cannabidiol) oil.

Bill Fisher, CEO of American Vaporizer, stated, "The numerous medicinal benefits of CBD oil have been well known for some time and seem to be increasing steadily as more and more research is done on the substance. Yet the use of CBD oil has been controversial since it can be derived from either hemp or marijuana, causing concern about the legalities of its manufacture, distribution and purchase. That said, the CBD oil to be used in our e-liquid is 100% derived from hemp as a natural constituent, and is therefore a legal in all 50 states where numerous other hemp derived products are sold legally every day. 

'Hemp' has been used by people for thousands of years to make oils, fabric, rope and even food. Its many benefits and uses are the reasons why hemp, although it is part of the cannabis genus, continues to be legal. Products made from it are found in retail stores nationwide, thanks to a 1937 federal exemption, in which the federal statue controlling "marijuana" excluded the mature stalks, fiber, oil, and any other preparation of the mature stalks of hemp from the definition of marijuana. When the Hemp Industries Association defended the federal review of hemp's exempt status in 2004, the DEA declined to challenge the long-standing exemption which is why there is a wide variety of hemp products on sale today. 

The CBD oil in our e-liquids is 100% organic, 'extra virgin' and cold pressed from the mature stems, stalks and seeds of the hemp plant and has been formulated in a naturally flavored e-liquid specifically for vaping. Initially, we will offer the CBD oil e-liquid in a watermelon flavor and expand the number of flavors over time.

American Vaporizer will test market our high purity CBD oil e-liquid online, selling it direct to customers, via a special website landing page designed to explain the history and uses of CBD oil as a form of "nutriceutical." The CBD e-liquid will come in a 15 ml. bottle that contains 150 mg of pure CBD oil, which is an ideal concentration for many medicinal uses. We are excited to be able to expand the benefits of vaping into a medicinal application."

About the Vapor Group
Vapor Group, Inc.,, designs, develops, manufactures and markets high quality, vaporizers and e-cigarette brands which use state-of-the-art electronic technology and specially formulated, "Made in the USA" e-liquids, which may or may not contain nicotine. It offers a range of products with unique e-liquid flavors that is unmatched in our industry. Its products are marketed under the Vapor Group, Total Vapor, Vapor 123, American Smoke and Vapor Products brands. It sells nationwide through distributors, wholesalers and directly to consumers through its own websites and direct response advertising.

All of its E-cigarettes consist of a long-life battery, a heating element, a cartridge filled with an "e-liquid" and an atomizer which when heated, vaporizes the e-liquid. Because E-cigarettes are not "lit" like regular cigarettes, they don't create flame, smoke from burning, ash, tar, noxious fumes or leftover "cigarette butts". As a result, they may be used virtually anywhere. 

Vapor Group is committed to providing E-cigarettes that are convenient and economical to use, safer and healthier than traditional smoking, and which provide a flavorful, enjoyable smoking experience.

Vapor Group, Inc. is managed by a highly experienced team of executives committed to responsible business policies and practices, including the marketing of our products only to those eighteen years of age or older, not making or avoiding claims about our product health benefits, and fulfilling the requirements of all applicable laws and regulations.

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