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Varick Media Management

March 25, 2015 09:36 ET

Varick Media Management Leads Marketers Into Emerging World of Programmatic TV

Partnerships With AudienceXpress, AdMore, and Clypd Helps Clients Leverage Data-Driven Planning and Buying Across Digital and Traditional Channels

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 25, 2015) -  The ways consumers interact with media are changing rapidly, forcing marketers to use an ever-expanding arsenal of tools and data resources to match their ads to the right consumer in the right environment. This is disrupting the way marketers buy media in digital and traditional channels, and the trading desk Varick Media Management is on the forefront of the trend, helping advertisers buy both digital media and TV spots through programmatic technology.

To bolster its programmatic TV buying capabilities, Varick has partnered with leading programmatic TV partners, including AudienceXpress, AdMore, and Clypd to deliver ad spots programmatically for both addressable and linear consumption.

Varick can leverage data collected from a brand's online audience to identify television networks that index high for that same audience segment. Varick also works with its partners to target consumers via set top box and third-party data. This allows Varick and its partners to connect online and offline data to match against TV viewership data, leveraging demographic data, household information, and viewing behavior to reach the most appropriate audience.

"Even though programmatic TV is relatively new and untested by a lot of marketers, we're seeing it come up more and more on RFPs," said Paul Rostkowski, President of Varick Media Management. "As clients continue to test the waters and experiment on the bleeding edge of advertising technology, we'll continue to help guide them by exploring new technologies, measuring results, and setting benchmarks."

Varick's programmatic television capabilities fold up under the company's cross-screen video product, "Varick On Demand." Varick On Demand is an omni-channel solution that connects, absorbs, and processes viewing data for consistent messaging across traditional TV sets, connected TVs, and digital channels.

About Varick Media Management
Varick Media Management provides advertisers and brands the tools to establish connections with their customers through programmatic advertising solutions. We deliver a brand's message across multiple media channels, creative formats, and inventory sources. Our proprietary software platform, Alveo, assembles multiple data points and activates them in real-time across addressable media channels, allowing you to plan, buy and clearly measure your campaign's execution.