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December 06, 2011 12:00 ET

Varolii Introduces New Cloud Communications Services to Reduce Healthcare Costs, Improve Member and Patient Interactions

New Healthcare Interaction Suite to Deliver Advanced Mobile Communications Capabilities Through Managed Text, Voice and Smartphone via New Fast-to-Deploy Applications

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Dec 6, 2011) - Varolii Corporation, the market and technology leader in interactive, cloud-based customer and employee communications, today announced its new flexible Healthcare Interaction Suite to help healthcare organizations lower operational costs and reach patients and members through expanded voice, managed text, email and smartphone capabilities. These capabilities will be delivered in new, fast-to-deploy applications tailored to the needs of healthcare providers, disease management and wellness organizations, and pharmacy benefit management companies.

Timely patient and member communications play a significant role in increasing healthcare program engagement, improving medical adherence rates and enhancing the patient experience. However, healthcare organizations are frequently constrained by limited resources and traditional outreach methods that rely on costly health coaches or nurses to manually call patients. These constraints also make it difficult for companies to scale their outreach as the number of needed communications grows. The Varolii Healthcare Interaction Suite provides a flexible, cost-effective way for healthcare organizations to quickly and efficiently augment member and patient communications. With the Varolii Interaction Healthcare Suite:

  • Disease management and wellness programs can get patients enrolled and actively engaged.
  • Providers can improve clinical outcomes to reduce high readmission rates, missed appointments and lost revenue.
  • Pharmacy benefit management companies can improve communications around medication refill reminders, secure physician authorizations and fulfill mail order and auto-fill enrollment orders.

"Healthcare organizations spend a large portion of their operational budget and resources just trying to connect with healthcare consumers to securely and reliably inform and remind them of relevant information such as upcoming appointments, prescription refills, clinical test reminders, patient payments and health program enrollment. And, historically, mobile technologies have not been prevalent in the healthcare industry, but mobility plays a big role in their ability to reach consumers," said Andrea Austin, vice president of healthcare business at Varolii. "Varolii's Healthcare Interaction Suite builds on our best-in-class interaction analytics and cross-channel capabilities to offer healthcare organizations easy-to-deploy solutions that quickly reach consumers with the right information in a highly personalized and cost-effective way."

Varolii's Healthcare Interaction Suite combines the power of Varolii's cross-channel and rich personalization platform with newly-introduced managed text, voice and smartphone mobile application cloud services. As part of this solution suite, Varolii will be delivering specific mobile device capabilities that include:

  • Configurable Applications for Easy Deployment: Utilize pre-built interaction templates to quickly and easily deploy new messages to healthcare consumers based on Varolii best practices from more than 160 million proactive multi-channel interactions for healthcare organizations to more than 12 million patients each year.
  • Expansive, Quick-to-Implement Managed SMS Text Packages: Reach more members and patients in less time with voice and text that are blended into two-way, managed cross-channel messages for consumers to easily respond and get immediate assistance. This also includes ad-hoc SMS texting for urgent notifications that need to be sent quickly to a large number of recipients.
  • Smartphone Application Mobile Alerts: Easily implement and quickly deploy services that provide the best possible user interaction experience built on the Varolii Interact Platform using push notifications with secure HTML5 Web applications.
  • Compliance and Data Security: Ensure compliance and personal data security by authenticating member identification and tracking outcomes of all interactions. Varolii safeguards corporate, personal consumer, and healthcare data with a comprehensive five-layer security strategy and compliance with ISO 27001 certification, Payment Card Industry Data Security Specification (PCI DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).
  • Personalization Beyond Segmentation: Leverage Varolii ID™ to automatically personalize and refine member and patient interactions beyond mere segmentation, enabling healthcare organizations to communicate on a one-to-one basis.
  • Advanced Varolii Performance Insight Analytics, Monitoring and Reporting: Make better decisions faster with deep, real-time insights and get a clear quantitative picture of how member engagement strategies impact program enrollment, adherence and overall outcomes.
  • Dedicated, Vanity SMS Shortcodes: Easily brand and promote mobile communications to consumers with dedicated SMS shortcodes for text messaging.

"Consumers' mobile use and sophistication are growing rapidly, making mobile a must-have channel for any industry," said Forrester Research, Inc. in the November 2011 report, Mobile Healthcare's Slow Adoption Curve. "Across industries and channels, consumers flock to solutions that offer convenience. In mobile, that means adding immediacy and simplicity to user tasks by making sure that mobile solutions provide highly contextual solutions. [Healthcare companies] can start down the path to context by providing highly relevant personalized capabilities in their administrative and health and wellness solutions."

Varolii enables more than 400 organizations to reach consumers or employees in a smart, personalized and cost effective way with its award-winning Varolii Interact Platform. Varolii works with leading Fortune 1000 companies, including three of the top four disease management companies. Varolii healthcare applications generate more than 160 million proactive multi-channel interactions with more than 12 million patients each year. More than 60 healthcare organizations use the Varolii Interact Platform for critical communications to boost program enrollment, engagement and outcomes increase medication adherence and refill volume, and more.

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