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January 31, 2012 09:00 ET

Varolii Unveils Advanced Patient Interaction Solution to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Hospital Operating Costs

Varolii Announces Quick-to-Deploy Cloud Applications to Reduce Missed Appointments, Improve Clinical Measures, Lower Readmissions, Boost Patient Self-Payment and Enhance the Patient Experience

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Jan 31, 2012) - Varolii Corporation, a market leader in customer interaction management, today introduced its Patient Interaction Solution to help hospitals and physician groups enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes while reducing costs through better patient engagement. The new healthcare solution is designed to provide proactive patient communication by delivering rich, personalized content to patients using managed text, voice, email and smartphone. It delivers a full set of cloud-based applications ranging from self-service appointment confirmation and rescheduling options to medication and prescribed therapy adherence to enrolling patients in follow-up treatment programs.

"While the Patient Interaction Solution provides a number of benefits, it immediately addresses the issue of lost revenue to hospitals, resulting from missed and cancelled appointments," said Andrea Austin, vice president of healthcare at Varolii. "In development for several years, the solution is also designed to reduce readmission rates with cross-channel appointment communication management, medication and prescribed therapy adherence and instructional applications that reinforce discharge plans. This is a significant step forward in helping healthcare providers proactively create better interactions -- and outcomes -- for their patients."

Industry research indicates that healthcare organizations spend a significant portion of their operational budget and resources trying to connect with healthcare consumers to securely and reliably inform and remind them of relevant information. However, despite these efforts, hospitals regularly experience an appointment no-show rate of 15 to 20 percent, with each appointment's value at more than $230. This results in millions of dollars of lost revenue each year per hospital -- and hospitals can only hope to recoup a small portion of this for each missed appointment. At the same time, mobile technologies have not historically been prevalent in the healthcare industry, but mobility plays a big role in providers' ability to reach a demographically-diverse patient base.

The Patient Interaction Solution applies new technology and mobile approaches to effectively reach patients using the communication medium they most prefer. "Our research shows proactive interactions with patients, using their favored communications channel and combined with a personalized message, can be a powerful tool in healthcare/patient relationships. It not only creates a better experience for patients, it also improves the likelihood that they will take appropriate steps to manage their health," said Austin.

According to a February 2009 Forrester Research, Inc. report, Where To Find Help With Automated Calling For Healthcare, "traditional disease management, appointment reminder, and administrative phone calls require the time and effort of a nurse, administrator or other call center staff and can cost anywhere from $4 to more than $20 per call. To add to that cost, the call center staff spends time making calls that don't get picked up. On the other hand, each automated call typically costs pennies, allowing program sponsors to reach large numbers of consumers without increasing staff."

Varolii's Patient Interaction Solution can have a significant impact on reducing appointment no-shows, last-minute cancellations and lost revenue by proactively informing patients of appointments, medications, prescribed therapy and wellness programs. With the Varolii Patient Interaction Solution, providers can:

  • Reduce appointment no-shows and associated lost revenue using managed text and voice interactions to proactively engage patients.
  • Lower readmission rates with coordinated, cross-channel appointment communication management, medication and instruction confirmation applications that reinforce discharge plans.
  • Enroll and engage candidates for disease and wellness programs more efficiently with highly-scalable cross-channel interactions that support diabetes, maternity and other programs.
  • Streamline and improve patient bill payment by automating outreach and providing self-service options.
  • Reach demographically and socioeconomically-diverse patient bases through their preferred channel with voice, managed text or smartphone application mobile alerts.
  • Enhance the patient experience and maintain the provider-patient relationship with professional voice quality, state-of-the-art messages and interactive design team support.
  • Reach more patients by validating and acquiring missing phone numbers for patients in real-time.
  • Reduce contact center costs and improve efficiency through scalable, highly personalized interactions and self-service options for appointment reminders and management.

Varolii's new Patient Interaction Solution is a part of the larger Healthcare Interaction Suite, which leverages Varolii's cross-channel and rich personalization Interact platform with fast-to-deploy, cloud-based applications across managed text and voice channels. The Varolii Healthcare Interaction Suite provides a flexible, cost-effective way for healthcare organizations to quickly and efficiently augment member and patient communications.

Varolii enables more than 400 organizations to reach consumers or employees in a smart, personalized and cost effective way with its award-winning Varolii Interact Platform. Varolii works with leading Fortune 1000 companies, including three of the top five disease management companies. Varolii healthcare applications generate more than 150 million proactive multi-channel interactions with more than 12 million patients each year. More than 40 healthcare organizations use the Varolii Interact Platform for critical communications to boost program enrollment, engagement and outcomes increase medication adherence and refill volume, and more.

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