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February 19, 2013 10:00 ET

Vaultive Delivers Extended Encryption and Data Residency Support for Office 365 and Exchange 2013

Vaultive 3.0 Extends Capabilities for Data Residency Requirements of Global Deployments and Encryption-in-Use Functionality for Indexing

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Feb 19, 2013) - Vaultive, a provider of persistent encryption gateways for businesses to retain ownership and control of their cloud data, today unveiled Vaultive 3.0 providing seamless support for Exchange 2013, whether deployed in the next release of Microsoft Office 365 (Wave 15), hosted elsewhere or implemented on-premise. 

Vaultive 3.0 incorporates a set of scalability, resiliency and availability features that enable enterprise customers to protect their data while implementing global deployments of cloud-based services. Vaultive meets enterprise requirements for scalability and performance through the introduction of:

  • global load balancing
  • clustering across and within nodes
  • management capabilities for multiple data residency jurisdictions

As enterprises evaluate moving to globally distributed deployments of services such as Office 365, they frequently encounter data residency requirements that complicate or even preclude a move to the cloud. Vaultive 3.0 incorporates a set of scalability, resiliency and availability features that enable enterprise customers to protect their data while implementing global deployments of cloud-based services. Vaultive provides the ability for customers subject to multiple data residency requirements (such as the EU Data Directive or trans-border control restrictions) to maintain dedicated keys within a defined data residency jurisdiction, while still maintaining a single console for task workflow, and consolidated integration with Office 365 and Exchange 2013's management processes. 

Vaultive 3.0, formerly codenamed Alta, meets customer demands for global and highly-scalable deployments, as well as delivers advanced features for search and automated filtering functionality against encrypted mailboxes. Vaultive 3.0 enables enterprise customers to apply innovative encryption-in-use capabilities to the Public Folder feature offered as part of the upcoming Exchange 2013 update to Office 365.

Vaultive 3.0 is the first and only generally available encryption-in-use and encryption-at-rest gateway that supports Exchange 2013 -- whether deployed through Office 365 or a trusted third party, on-premise or in a hybrid mode. With Vaultive 3.0, customers are enabled to experience the flexibility, scalability and accessibility of cloud-based Exchange services while supporting best practices for the control and ownership of corporate data.

Scheduled for general availability on February 27, the upcoming release of Office 365 for the Enterprise codenamed Wave 15 is based on Exchange 2013 and incorporates embedded anti-virus and anti-spam filtering, as well as other advanced capabilities that reinforce the investments Microsoft has made in securing its global datacenter network. Additionally, Wave 15 delivers streamlined management processes and seamless synchronization between Exchange 2013 servers residing on-premise and in the cloud. Office 365 users will also make use of a resilient and scalable cloud-based Public Folder architecture. 

Vaultive's support for Exchange 2013 on-premise also enables enterprises to seamlessly migrate data to the cloud and securely implement hybrid deployments. Vaultive 3.0 also extends Vaultive's ability to deliver transparent encryption-in-use, while adding the ability to secure Public Folders transparently. Additionally, Vaultive 3.0 includes the ability to index encrypted attachments and seamlessly support Inbox Rules for automated filtering functionality. 

"Vaultive is setting the pace for enterprise-grade cloud encryption gateways," said Aviad Lahav, Vaultive Systems Architect. "We have extended core functionality to ensure that customers can achieve functionality and security as they take advantage of cloud-based services, while delivering the platform scalability that enterprises require."

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Vaultive is a provider of persistent encryption gateways to retain ownership and control of cloud data. Vaultive's encryption secures data at rest, data in transit and data in use in a format that can be searched, sorted and indexed -- while the organization's IT department retains control of the encryption keys. This addresses the principal business challenges of migrating data to the cloud including data security, regulatory compliance, unauthorized data disclosure and access, and international privacy/ data residency regulations. Initially optimized for Microsoft® Office 365, the Vaultive platform supports best practices for the control and ownership of corporate data in the cloud as outlined by the Cloud Security Alliance. Vaultive has raised more than $10 million from leading venture capital firms .406 Ventures, New Science Partners, Harmony Partners and Security Growth Partners.

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