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February 24, 2009 08:00 ET

Vaultus Powers Enterprise-Scale Mobility

mobiScaler Brings a Desktop Experience to Mobile Workers

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - February 24, 2009) - (Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit) -- Vaultus Mobile Technologies today announced mobiScaler™. mobiScaler is a non-invasive plug-in to the existing network infrastructure and operational systems that empowers IT organizations and ISVs to extend the strengths and benefits of the enterprise network to mobile workers and consumers. mobiScaler achieves new levels for mobile application performance, usability, security, handset battery life, and network bandwidth utilization, and is the only software of its kind that works with all leading mobile developer environments (RIM, iPhone, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Symbian). With mobiScaler, developers can build industrial strength applications that are easy to use, quick to implement, scalable to millions of users, as secure as enterprise applications, and cost-effective.

mobiScaler will be demonstrated at the Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit on February 23-25, in booth K.


According to a recent Gartner report on Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms, "By 2010, 50% of enterprises will have migrated away from tactical mobile application silos (supporting a single application) to strategic platforms capable of supporting multiple applications, managing devices, and securing data and transport," stated Michael King and William Clark, Magic Quadrant for Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms, December 18, 2008.

mobiScaler is a new class of enterprise mobility software that protects firms' investments in their data center, application development & mobile infrastructure, via a single mobile communications channel that delivers the same security, performance and usability firms get with their enterprise network. On average, mobile applications and portals built with mobiScaler respond more than 50% faster, extend handset battery life by 55%, and reduce carrier network data transfer by 90%.

"Every aspect of work -- including analysis, decision making, and action -- is going mobile, and executives around the world recognize that mobility presents an opportunity to improve worker productivity and reduce IT support costs," said David Birnbach, CEO at Vaultus. "To realize these benefits, workers need to have anytime, anywhere access to their applications, and with mobiScaler, firms can deploy mobile applications and portals that are easy to use, quick to implement, as secure as enterprise applications, and cost effective with much lower support costs."

Applications developed with mobiScaler:

--  Run faster and are more responsive, independent of signal strength
--  Extend handset utilization by several hours, enabling longer phone and
    application usage
--  Incorporate enterprise-like security for all transmitted and stored
    data -- even when handset is off the network
--  Optimize carrier network utilization and bandwidth
--  Work consistently on any popular mobile device

Benefits to IT organizations include: a single repository for all mobile applications, write once and run on any device, freedom to use any mobile development tool, and Fort Knox level security. mobiScaler also protects existing and future IT application development and platform investments.

Benefits to mobile users include: Fast and responsive applications, independent of signal strength; applications are portable across devices, secure, even if handset is lost or stolen, and longer handset battery life, enabling full-day use without needing to recharge.

"mobiScaler is a game changing product that complements and enhances existing investments in networks, platforms, and development tools," added Birnbach. "It's lightweight, cross-platform, device independent, and empowers IT organizations to extend the strengths and benefits of the enterprise network to mobile workers and customers."


Vaultus Mobile Technologies is a leading innovator of mobile applications technology. Its flagship mobiScaler™ product extends the power and reach of enterprise networks to mobile workers and consumers, and achieves new levels for mobile application performance, security, handset battery life, and network bandwidth utilization. Clients include SAP, E*Trade, Wachovia, Prudential, Abbott Labs, Genzyme, Home Depot, Procter & Gamble,, and the U.S. Army.

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