July 08, 2008 08:00 ET

VDIworks™ First Virtual Desktop Vendor to Integrate With Microsoft® Hyper-V and System Center

With New Plug-In, VDIvision for System Center, Microsoft Customers Receive Full VDIworks Management Functionality and Can Deploy a Heterogeneous Environment

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - July 8, 2008) - VDIworks, a virtual desktop software provider with a long history in centralized computing, today announced it has integrated its solution with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007, which provides management of physical and virtual deployments throughout the data center, desktops and devices. With a new VDIworks plug-in, called VDIvision for System Center, joint Microsoft/VDIworks customers can use System Center to manage a variety of VDIworks-driven features, including a highly configurable and scalable connection broker, leveraging the power of desktop virtualization to reduce costs and improve security, among other benefits. On the heels of Microsoft's release of Hyper-V, VDIworks is the first virtual desktop management vendor to integrate with Hyper-V and the System Center management offerings.

VDIworks delivers one of the most comprehensive, flexible software management platforms for creating, deploying and managing virtual desktop infrastructure. Microsoft Hyper-V customers can now rely on VDIworks technology that is built on five generations of proven centralized computing solutions. In addition, companies looking to add Microsoft-driven virtualization while maintaining their deployments powered by other hypervisors can use VDIworks software to manage any virtual desktop environment.

"Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V delivers the next-generation of hypervisor-based server virtualization technology and when coupled with the System Center enterprise offerings, customers have the solutions they need to deploy and manage a server virtualization infrastructure," said Dai Vu, director of virtualization products and solutions at Microsoft. "By integrating VDIworks with Hyper-V and System Center, customers have available a broadened set of functionality for extending the management of end-to-end virtual desktops through a single user interface."

VDIworks integration with Microsoft's System Center results from close cooperation among VDIworks and Microsoft developers. VDIworks utilized APIs from Microsoft to ensure seamless functionality among both products.

"We are pleased to have worked with Microsoft to integrate our VDI management platform with System Center," said Rick Hoffman, president and CEO of VDIworks. "This now provides customers a management platform for reducing the complexity of managing a virtual desktop environment leveraging Hyper-V."

With VDIworks integration, System Center users will now be able to:

--  Discover their entire virtual desktop environments, including thin
    clients, multiple hypervisors, hosts and other systems from within System
--  Generate comprehensive virtual desktop usage, inventory and health
    reports using VDIworks reporting functionality.
--  Utilize connection broker functions, including connecting thin clients
    to virtual machines, users to virtual machines, thin clients to physical
    hosts and users to physical hosts. Support for 1:1 connections and shared
    connections is available.
--  Use VDIworks' configurable load balancing, which allows the best
    virtual machine to be allocated to the end-user based on whether the user's
    application load is memory-bound, CPU-bound or consumes other resource
--  Perform comprehensive end-to-end, virtual and physical management of
    all virtual desktop resources using VDIworks support for Windows Management
    Instrumentation (WMI), Intel® vPro™ and soon, the Intelligent Platform
    Management Interface (IPMI).
--  Provide fine-grained control to system administrators, help desk
    administrators and other IT staff involved with virtual desktop management
    using VDIworks' rights delegation functionality and integration with
    Microsoft's Active Directory.

Pricing and Availability

VDIworks VDIvision for System Center is available immediately. Pricing starts at $29 per seat, and volume discounts are available. For more information, visit

About VDIworks

VDIworks makes easy-to-use software that enables IT managers to centrally create, deploy and manage virtual desktop infrastructure. The company's technology is based on more than 20 patents and is built on five generations of proven success with enterprise environments. VDIworks offers ultimate flexibility and preserves customer choice by giving customers the ability to deploy the right solution for the right user type, utilize any back-end hardware, end-point user access device or virtualization technology for desktop virtualization. The VDIworks Virtual Desktop Platform streamlines and simplifies virtual desktop deployments, enabling IT organizations to gain improved management and control, ensuring data and asset security, delivering a superior end-user experience, and ensuring the business continuity and cost reductions promised by desktop virtualization to companies around the world. For more information on VDIworks, visit

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