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October 01, 2013 12:53 ET

Vector Marketing Hosts Financial Speaker to Advise College Student Sales Representatives

STAMFORD, CT--(Marketwired - Oct 1, 2013) - While many college students are able to refine and focus on careers, very few learn the importance of managing finances once they land a job.

However, Cutco Corporation, the largest kitchen cutlery manufacturer in North America, takes financial planning seriously because its sales force is made up of college students who sell through in-home personal demonstrations.

"Many of our student sales representatives make significant incomes," said Earl Kelly, Northeast Region Manager for Vector Marketing, the direct sales division for Cutco. "It is important for us, as an organization, to counsel them on how to manage money and to plan for the future."

With that goal, Vector Marketing hosted Christy Wright, a speaker with the Dave Ramsey Speakers Group, at a recent conference. This nationally known organization provides leadership, career, and financial programs for audiences through radio programs and speaking appearances.

"This program basically shows families and individuals what to do once they have control of their finances and how to navigate through the process," said Wright. "The Vector sales reps are remarkable young people and it's important that they understand -- at a young age -- the opportunities they have from financial and career perspectives."

One focus of her message was to stay debt-free.

"Our culture is backwards," she told the Vector sales professionals. "So many students have deep debt due to college and car loans and credit cards. I've seen so many young people work hard and then have nothing to show for it from a financial standpoint."

She went on to say that Vector people are different, in that they are highly motivated and through a corporate culture providing mentors many of them cultivate responsible spending habits and strong work ethics.

"I told them, 'you are above and beyond other normal college students in terms of work ethic, so don't be normal in terms of your spending habits,'" she advised. "You are with a company that helps you develop incredible life skills with the opportunity to make more money in one summer than some adults earn in years."

According to Kelly, the message was extremely well received by the young people in the audience.

"At Vector we are teaching our sales reps to be responsible and hard-working entrepreneurs," he said. "They learn a wide range of skills related to sales -- making presentations, time management, teamwork. But we also want to teach them other skills that will serve them well in the future. They must also avoid debt, save, and invest properly. These are all things they must be aware of as they enter the workforce with Vector or with other organizations. Christy's program was outstanding and gave our reps mature and effective strategies on how to manage their money -- today and into the future."

According to Wright, "These students have a huge opportunity, but the risk is also great. They must know that with the Vector opportunity, they can set the stage for a secure financial future."

About Cutco Cutlery Corporation and Vector Marketing
Cutco Cutlery is a 64-year-old company with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Olean, New York. Vector Marketing is the company's sales division, coordinating all sales for Cutco Cutlery through a national network of college students who sell products through in-home personal demonstrations. More than 15 million US households have a Cutco product.

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