July 12, 2015 22:44 ET

VectorVest - Announces Partnership With Brokerage Platform TradeKing

CHARLOTTE, NC--(Marketwired - Jul 12, 2015) - VectorVest, a renowned digital stock picking and tracking system that allows users to gather information about worldwide stocks at the click of a button, announced a new partnership with TradeKing, a nationwide leading brokerage firm. By adding TradeKing's expansive abilities to the already robust VectorVest software, investors will be able to experience even more seamless trades, improving their overall trading success.

Individual investors can take advantage of the VectorVest software to determine whether they should buy, sell, or hold any particular stock. In the past, a user had to leave the software once he or she knew which stocks to trade and go to a different brokerage platform to actually make their trades. This sometimes resulted in confusion and frustration trying to find the right stock in a different system and potentially cost them valuable time.

With the new partnership in place, users of the portfolio management software are able to right-click on a desired stock and simply select "TradeNow." This quick motion cues the platform to securely log into their existing TradeKing account, and then pre-fills the trade information, including ticker symbol, bid, ask, last price, and limit, based on the personalized settings. The customer then simply confirms the trade, and the software securely transmits the information to TradeKing for completion without requiring any searching through browser windows or double-checking abbreviations. Users can quickly and efficiently complete their trades with only a few clicks, allowing them to get on with their day or look for additional investment opportunities.

The partnership with TradeKing is particularly exciting for VectorVest users given TradeKing's recent four-star rating from the 2015 Review, which also named the company as The Top Broker in Innovation. In a statement TradeKing CEO Donato Montanaro declared, "Since our inception, TradeKing has put a premium on providing clients with value that goes well beyond just low costs, so it's very gratifying when folks like the team recognize us for not only keeping our fees low and fair, but delivering in other important areas such as client service, education, and research." Chief Information Officer at TradeKing, Kevin Delo, emphasized the necessity of speed and precision in executing stock trades and is optimistic that customers of both companies will benefit from the value-added services that are now offered.

VectorVest was founded in 1978 by Dr. Bart DiLiddo, who developed a system for stock market analysis based on mathematical models that can generate information about whether a stock is likely to rise or fall, and whether to Buy, Sell or Hold a stock. He tested and retested his models until they were failsafe, and used his 26 years of research experience to create a system to help other investors. The portfolio management software makes use of Dr. DiLiddo's mathematical formula, telling investors when to buy, sell, or hold stocks and thus saves them valuable time during the trading process.

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