February 23, 2016 23:44 ET

VectorVest -- Celebrates Launch of New Website

CHARLOTTE, NC--(Marketwired - February 23, 2016) - VectorVest, one of the world's most accurate stock analysis and portfolio management systems, has launched a new, information-packed website. After being perfected through 28 years of research and real-life use, targeted to the point where its accuracy is highly reliable, the details of the upgraded VectorVest system and its different products are proudly featured on the company's new mobile-friendly website. The site offers free stock analysis, video demonstrations, and access to the complete list of upcoming live VectorVest webinars and events happening around the world. It also offers guests access to an archive of extremely valuable and informative webinars.

The VectorVest system was invented in 1978 by mathematician Dr. Bart DiLiddo, who first took an interest in self-directed investing with his local investment club. It has been continuously updated and improved ever since, resulting in remarkable accuracy, clarity, and usability. The system is a powerful tool that can be integrated into any investment strategy to remain flexible, reliable and always returning impressive portfolio growth regardless of current market conditions.

VectorVest uses one of the clearest analysis tools on the market, monitoring more than 23,000 stocks everyday. After detailed analysis, it arrives at two key measures: Value and Relative Value. Value is a straightforward degree of the stock's current worth by factoring in discounted cash flows, earnings, profitability, inflation, and interest rates. Relative Value (RV) is a measure of the stock's long-term price appreciation potential. In comparing these variables, an investor can easily determine if a stock is currently over or under-valued. The system instantly compares the stock with more than 20 years of historical data to provide a full picture of its worth, safety, and whether a investor should buy, sell or hold the stock. VectorVest is the only system that analyzes, ranks, and sorts stocks based on Value, Safety and Timing (VST) to return a quick and profitable summary to the investor.

VectorVest hosts frequently-scheduled webcasts, seminars and workshops all around the world. Investors can learn how to efficiently and successfully manage their portfolio in just ten minutes per day.

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