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Vectrix, LLC

February 14, 2012 23:03 ET

VECTRIX Announces Re-Energized Electric Super Bike at SWISS-MOTO 2012

Core Technological Advances Drive the Progression of Clean Energy Racer to the Forefront

NEW BEDFORD, MA--(Marketwire - Feb 14, 2012) - VECTRIX™, the leader in two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles, is proud to announce that the Vectrix Super Bike program has been re-energized to showcase the latest generation of Vectrix core technologies such as Vectrix battery systems, power management systems, drive trains, and regenerative throttle systems. The Electric Super Bike will be on display at the SWISS-MOTO 2012 show in Zurich, Switzerland this week (February 16-19, 2012) in Hall 4, Stand C12.

In the four years since the unveiling of the Vectrix Super Bike project, significant advances in Vectrix battery technology have evolved into a compact, efficient and powerful Lithium Manganese battery pack; coupled with creative circuit integration resulting in superior proprietary Vectrix battery management systems, Vectrix energy and power technologies have pushed the progression of the Vectrix Super Bike program to the forefront.

Vectrix Super Bike is an international collaboration of design, technology, and performance specialists. The Vectrix Super Bike is the ultimate blend our advanced energy systems, drive trains, and core components resulting in a world-class e-bike capable of both exhilarating performance and viable range solutions.

"Vectrix is very pleased to spread the word of our rejuvenated 2012 Super Bike Program. As our technology has continued to progress and evolve over the past four years, the performance and range possibilities of our Super Bike have emerged as a viable alternative in the performance bike market segment," said Brian Buccella, Vectrix Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "For loyal Vectrix customers and bike enthusiasts, the Vectrix Super Bike represents the best of Vectrix core technologies, blended into a true performance bike. Through July 2012, we will be accepting refundable deposits in anticipation of a special limited production run of 200 to 500 Vectrix Super Bikes."

The Vectrix Super Bike is the functional melding of 3rd Millennium technology and aesthetics. Vectrix has blended form with function and the result is exceptional performance and range.

Vectrix battery management technology continues to set the global standard for electric zero emission vehicles. The Vectrix Super Bike is the result of Vectrix cross-platform core systems that can be scaled up and down, depending on the market opportunity. The Vectrix Super Bike expands the performance horizon for Vectrix technology.

As Vectrix technology has continued to progress and evolve over the past four years, the possibilities of the Vectrix Super Bike have emerged as a viable alternative in the performance bike market segment. "I am excited to see what this new technology can do against the competition," said Brian Buccella, Vectrix Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

VECTRIX™ Super Bike: The VECTRIX Super Bike combines incredible performance with "real-world" range possibilities. The sheer beauty of the Vectrix Super Bike is the result of engineering and design collaboration with the internationally-renowned ROBRADY Design group and Vectrix.

Key Features of the VECTRIX™ Super Bike:

  • Powerful and fast -- Rapidly accelerates to 125 mph (201 km/h). 1/4-mile (0.40 km) in as little as 12.0 seconds with a top speed of 125 mph.

  • All-electric with zero emissions -- no need for oil or gas, and virtually silent operation. Plugs into any 110V/220V standard outlet and charges battery to 80% capacity in 2.5 hours.

  • Range up to 124 miles (200 km) on a single charge @ 25mph, due to battery pack energy density and our unique regenerative braking technology [depending on speed, rider weight, and driving habits].

  • Patented VECTRIX™ Multi-Function Bidirectional Throttle provides an ergonomically friendly regenerative braking rider interface to maximize range possibilities and provides a slow-speed reverse for greater maneuverability and easy parking.

  • Low Maintenance -- with no oil, no filters, and no clutch your cost of ownership is minimal.

  • Low noise for reduced sound pollution.

About Vectrix™:
VECTRIX™ ( was formed to develop and commercialize zero emission vehicle platform technologies. The single focus of VECTRIX™ has been to provide clean, efficient, reliable, and affordable urban transportation. VECTRIX™ zero emission vehicles are targeted to both consumers and government fleets. VECTRIX™ now offers professional and private customers a growing range of clean energy vehicles including the VX-1 Li/Li+, VX-2, and VX-3 Li+. VECTRIX™ has facilities in New Bedford, MA and Wroclaw, Poland. For more information, please visit, email, or call (508) 717-6510.

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