May 27, 2010 14:51 ET

VehicleMD Prepares Motorists for Summer Driving Season

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer With Answers to Auto Maintenance Questions From VehicleMD

LUBBOCK, TX--(Marketwire - May 27, 2010) -  VehicleMD, a waiting room magazine designed to educate customers about the services vehicles need, recently released the Summer Driving issue.

According to AAA, 28 million people will drive to their Memorial Day holiday destinations, up about six percent from the 26.4 million who drove in 2009. This holiday kicks off the summer driving season and should serve as a reminder to drivers to make sure their vehicles are up-to-date on preventive maintenance.

"Vehicle maintenance is extremely important in the summer months," said Tammy Williams, Features Editor of VehicleMD. "Increased temperatures outside translate to increased temperatures inside your engine, which is the heart of your vehicle. It is important to ensure your engine, as well as the other critical parts of your vehicle, are protected with proper regular maintenance. Also, increased summer driving means that increasing fuel mileage is top of mind this time of year. VehicleMD has great tips on how to protect your vehicle from the summer heat, advice about how to get more mileage out of each dollar this summer, and more."

VehicleMD is written specifically for the auto service customer. Its pages are filled with articles about preventive maintenance services offered at most automotive service facilities. The articles are written in a language that anyone can understand, educating customers about services their vehicles might need now or in the future.

"Are you wondering what automatic transmission fluid really does and why it might need to be changed?" Williams said. "Do you wish you could make your car more earth friendly in just one oil change? VehicleMD answers these questions and more."

The Summer Driving issue completes the first year of publication for VehicleMD. VehicleMD launched in September 2009 and is distributed for display in the waiting rooms of auto service centers, fast lubes and dealerships across the United States.

The VehicleMD website ( features articles from past and current issues of VehicleMD, a glossary of terms to help readers learn to "speak car" and a link to the digital issue of VehicleMD. For more car maintenance tips or interesting facts, follow VehicleMD (@VehicleMD) on twitter, or find VehicleMD on Facebook and become a fan by clicking the "like" button.

For additional information about the VehicleMD Summer Driving issue, or to learn how to get a car ready for summer travels, contact Tammy Williams at 800.796.2577.

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The first issue of VehicleMD was published in September 2009. VehicleMD is a quarterly publication and is distributed for display in the waiting rooms of auto service facilities, fast lubes and new car dealerships across the United States. VehicleMD also features a website, digital issue, and Facebook and Twitter pages.

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