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January 14, 2015 08:00 ET

Vela Diagnostics Launches CE-IVD Colorectal Cancer Next-Generation Sequencing Panel

SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Jan 14, 2015) - Vela Diagnostics announced today the CE-IVD launch of the Sentosa® SQ Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Panel.1 This is the next in a series of NGS oncology panels from Vela Diagnostics, which recently launched the CE-IVD Sentosa® SQ Melanoma Panel.1

Colorectal cancer (CRC), also known as colon, rectal or bowel cancer, is the third most common type of cancer globally and makes up about 10% of all cases.2 In 2012, 1.4 million new cases were detected and 694,000 deaths were caused by CRC.2

Detecting mutations in specific genes helps to assess the prognosis and management of patients. The management can include surgery, radiation and medical treatment, including targeted treatment. The Sentosa® SQ CRC NGS Panel supports clinical decision-making by identifying hot spot mutations and sequence variants in target regions. The Sentosa® SQ CRC NGS Panel is able to simultaneously detect 112 clinically relevant hot spot mutations in 11 genes; it exhibits a Limit of Detection (LOD) of 5% with minimal DNA concentration of 5 ng per library. The Sentosa® SQ CRC NGS Panel displays a reproducibility of 99.89% (95% CI: 99.82% - 99.93%).

The Sentosa® SQ CRC NGS Panel is designed for use on the automated Sentosa® NGS workflow, which enables quick turn-around time. The workflow comprises two systems: the Sentosa® SX101 automated pipetting system enabling automated DNA extraction and library set-up, and the NGS system. The NGS system consists of the Sentosa® ST401 instruments that provide an automated solution for template preparation and enrichments, the Sentosa® SQ301 sequencer and server, as well as the Sentosa® SQ Reporter for efficient data analysis and report generation.

Vela Diagnostics offers automated platforms that support both NGS and PCR workflows. The workflows share the Sentosa® SX101 automated pipetting system, thereby increasing efficiency and flexibility. Currently Vela Diagnostics offers 30 PCR tests (27 CE-IVD)1 and four NGS tests (two CE-IVD)1. Three additional NGS panels are planned for 2015. 

1 Availability status subject to country regulatory approvals. Refer to the website for more details.

2 World Cancer Report 2014. World Health Organization. 2014. Chapter 1.1. ISBN 9283204298.

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