October 08, 2009 08:00 ET

Vembu Technologies Brings Its Backup System 'Home'

'Vembu Home' Offers Consumers Free Local Backup and Optional Amazon Cloud Backup

CHENNAI, INDIA--(Marketwire - October 8, 2009) - Vembu Technologies today unveiled Vembu Home -- a flexible and reliable backup solution for consumers who want to easily protect their digital files. Vembu Home is the first and only unified backup solution that lets consumers perform backups to local media, to the Amazon Cloud, or to both. Vembu Home is based on the company's StoreGrid technology, which is the enterprise data backup software currently running on more than 100,000 computers worldwide.

Vembu Home is unique in that it provides users with two methods for backing up their files:

1.  Unlimited local backup for free (to your own computer/disk/mapped
    drives); and/or
2.  Optional Amazon Cloud backup (with competitive "pay-for-use" rates)

"Our experience in the backup and recovery market has shown us that online backups work best for some data, while local backup works best for others, and sometimes you simply need a combination of the two," said Sekar Vembu, founder of Vembu Technologies. "Vembu Home consists of both options, so consumers can choose which method they're most comfortable with for protecting and storing their personal files."

For consumers wishing to utilize the local backup option, Vembu Home's feature-rich software can be downloaded and installed (on multiple computers) for free, and getting started is as easy as selecting files and setting a backup schedule. Vembu Home includes a "Drag & Drop" feature to facilitate 'real quick backups.' The software is extremely intuitive and easy to use, and is the first backup application to be built using the Adobe Air+Flex platform. To download the software, visit http://home.vembu.com and enter the (limited) invitation code: BACKMEUPSCOTTY

Consumers can also utilize Vembu Home's Amazon Cloud backup option, which is the platinum standard in online backups. Data is stored in Amazon's datacenters, commonly referred to as the Amazon Cloud. Amazon is a pioneer in cloud computing and storage, and their geographically-distributed datacenters offer the highest possible level of data availability and reliability. Files stored in the Amazon Cloud can be accessed anytime, from any computer or device with a web browser.

More than just backup:

--  File Storage: With Vembu Home, The Amazon Cloud can also be used to
    store files, like an online drive or a web-based archive.
--  File Sharing: Files backed up to the Amazon Cloud can be easily shared
    with friends and family. This is especially useful for sharing large files
    that can't be emailed.

Pricing & Availability

Vembu Home is currently in Private Beta. During the Private Beta, consumers can backup up to 500MB of data for free to Vembu/Amazon cloud servers. The software and support for backing up to local storage devices will always be free. To download the software, visit http://home.vembu.com and enter the (limited) invitation code: BACKMEUPSCOTTY

About Vembu Technologies

Vembu Technologies is an established leader in providing flexible, reliable, and cost-effective backup solutions. Vembu's flagship product, StoreGrid, is a network-based disk-to-disk software system for backing-up desktops and servers. StoreGrid comes in three editions: Online Backup Service Provider & Hosting Provider, Professional (for Businessses), and Education, and is currently running on more than 100,000 computers worldwide. Vembu Home is a consumer backup solution that enables free local backup and optional Amazon Cloud backup.

Vembu was founded in 2004, and has won many awards and has been recognized by various leading industry bodies. For more information, including free trials and software downloads, please visit www.vembu.com.

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