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August 15, 2013 08:00 ET

Vemma® Elite Members Dan and Cathy Sarver Become Royal Ambassadors

Record-Breaking Sales Spur Monumental Business Growth for a Couple in the Midwest

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - Aug 15, 2013) - Dan and Cathy Sarver of Overland Park, Kansas, have advanced to the rank of Royal Ambassador in the Vemma compensation plan, which is one of the top positions in the company.

Dan and Cathy have been with Vemma Nutrition Company for over seven years and credit their growing Vemma business with enabling them to pay off $300,000 in credit card, IRS and business debt and achieve financial security.* Annual income for Vemma Royal Ambassadors can reach the seven-figure mark; advancement bonuses include $25,000 in cash and a luxury dream vacation.*

Having both worked in the medical industry and nutritional consulting prior to starting with Vemma, Dan and Cathy Sarver were initially attracted to Vemma because of their interests in health and nutrition. Prior to working their Vemma business full time, Cathy worked as a registered nurse for 27 years, and Dan worked in medical equipment for 30 years. "We are passionate about wellness, prevention, nutrition and personal accountability about one's own health," Cathy states on their business website. "Vemma offers great-tasting nutritional supplements and some trendy, yet healthy energy drinks which have become favorites with our kids' generation," Dan says. The Sarvers' passion for health and wellness is coupled with a drive to help others achieve success. "We thrive on helping others achieve the individual liberty and self-reliance we've achieved through our Vemma business," Dan commented.

In the past 12 months, sales have skyrocketed across the board for Vemma Nutrition Company, which just announced record-breaking sales figures for the month of July. It took the young company seven years to reach monthly sales of $10 million per month (hitting it for the first time in July 2012), but just 12 months to double that (hitting $20 million per month in July 2013). Vemma's sales are projected to continue to increase with the release of a new lineup of products this fall and winter that includes a ready-to-drink latte and gourmet iced tea.

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