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Vena Resources Inc.

September 28, 2005 15:05 ET

Vena Confirms Uranium Rich Regional Systems in Macusani & Munani

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Sept. 28, 2005) - Vena Resources Inc. (TSX VENTURE:VEM)(LIMA:VEM) reports the first quantitative results from uranium exploration and sampling at the Company's extensive Peruvian uranium concessions. The project area comprises 15,500 hectares of land located in the Puno Department of Peru.

The results for the 110 samples analyzed by Activation Laboratories in Hamilton, Ontario are included at the end of this press release, however the results of most interest are shown in the table below. Most of the samples were analyzed by the delayed neutron count process. However, 22 samples shown here were analyzed by x-ray diffraction due to the radiation detection equipment at the nuclear reactor facility of McMaster University being erroneously set off due to the high radiation count. The fracture samples were taken from the narrow fractures as described below and are undiluted results.

Fracture Samples Trench and other samples
Sample name U3O8 Sample name U3O8
(%) (%)
TL 20-2F 4.742 T5-7 1.238
TL20-1 1.901 RP-12 2.410
TL12-2F 1.221 T5-6.1 1.472
TL13-2F 12.762 RP-14 1.237
TL15-2F 3.959 T2-3 4.194
TL19-2F 10.766 T4-1 2.173
TL14-2F 5.334 T-7 2.749
TL8-2F 5.281 T4-7 2.132
TL11-2.F 5.407 TL3-1 2.720
TL16-2F 20.958 TL-1 3.480
-------------------- TL2-1 2.249
RP-8 3.967
DH-1A 0.302
BL-3 1.246
BL-5 8.362
UTS-2 0.010
UTS-4 0.123

The Company has concentrated its efforts on the Macusani and Munani regions. In doing so, it has completed two confirmation sampling campaigns and is developing a more complete understanding of the geological nature of the uranium mineralization occurrences. The uranium occurs in 6 different modes which have been mapped in the field as shown on the plan. These modes include:

1. Uranium Uncomformably Overlying Volcanics - Cappings of 50 centimeter thick yellow uranium minerals have been found in contact with Mitu Group tufas of Upper Permian age. These encrustations occur over 10 meter lengths. It is possible that this capping occurs for the entire length of the formation contact zone.

2. Uranium in Disjunctive Columnar Fractures: Three benches of the upper sequence of the Mitu Group indicate yellow uranium mineralization has been found in columnar fractures.

3. Uranium in Veins: Veins of autenite and torbernite have been found in the Concharrumio trenches of the Lincoln XXIV concession. These hydrothermal minerals and are mineralogically related to Pitchblende.

4. Disseminated Uranium: Light green disseminated uranium minerals have been found disseminated in the tufa benches. This mineralization is the oxidation product of the primary uranium minerals which were regionally distributed by the local Quenamari volcanics.

5. Bedded Uranium Deposits: Two, horizontal mineralized beds up to 1.5 meters thick comprising pitchblende, autenite and torbernite have been found in the escarpment of the benches in the upper tufa sequence.

6. Uranium in Stockworks: Regional faulting has produced intersecting faults and fractures which trend in a northeast to southwest and northwest to southeast orientation. These fractures are filled with both primary and secondary uranium mineralization. There are also shear zones associated with the reactivation of regional faults and radiometric measurements indicate the presence of high grade uranium mineralization. Fracturing in the shear zone occurs in all directions and the host rocks are also mineralized.

All the assay results are shown in the following table. Further information on Vena's uranium initiative is available on the Company's website at

Sample U3O8 Sample U3O8 Sample U3O8 Sample U3O8
% % % %

RP-10 0.00 T-10 0.01 RP-2 0.00 SY-2 0.03
TL17-2F 0.01 T-12 0.04 T5-1 0.05 SY-2 0.03
TL14-1C 0.25 T4-2 0.11 T7-1 0.01 DH-1a 0.26
TL11-1CAJA 0.02 T4-4 0.04 T5-14 0.11 BL-5 6.50
TL8-1C 0.00 T-13 0.01 RP-5 0.00 TL 20-2F 4.74
TL16-1C 0.02 T4-11 0.46 T7-2 0.57 TL20-1 1.90
TL19-1C 0.01 T4-3 0.01 RP-1 0.01 TL12-2F 1.22
TL17-1C 0.05 T-11 0.01 T5-9 0.08 TL13-2F 12.76
TL10-1 0.02 T-5 0.00 RP-13 0.15 TL15-2F 3.96
TL10-2F 0.48 T-14 1.00 T5-13 0.10 TL19-2F 10.77
TL18-2F 0.49 T-6 0.18 T-1 0.00 TL14-2F 5.33
TL13-1C 0.05 T4-6 0.68 T-2 0.02 TL8-2F 5.28
TL15-1C 0.01 T-4 0.01 T-3 0.00 TL11-2.F 5.41
TL12-1C 0.15 T4-5 0.74 T-8 0.04 TL16-2F 20.96
TL18-1C 0.04 T2-2 0.43 T2-1 0.18 T5-7 1.24
T6-1 0.08 T4-10 0.17 T9 0.01 RP-12 2.41
T6-3 0.26 T4-9 0.24 PP 0.00 T5-6.1 1.47
T6-2 0.09 T4-8 0.21 P 0.01 RP-14 1.24
T5-10 0.15 PS-1 0.01 PWN2 0.00 T2-3 4.19
T5-11 0.11 PWN1 0.00 PW1 0.00 T4-1 2.17
T5-4 0.23 PES1 0.00 W0 0.00 T-7 2.75
T5-3 0.06 WS1 0.00 TL6-1 0.15 T4-7 2.13
RP-11 0.13 PS0 0.01 PN-1 0.00 TL3-1 2.72
T5-12 0.36 PS-2 0.00 PS1 0.00 TL-1 3.48
T5-5 0.31 TL-2 0.07 SW2 0.00 TL2-1 2.25
T5-6 0.11 P.E.1 0.00 PE-0 0.00 RP-8 3.97
RP-4 0.00 TL6-2 0.39 TL5-1 0.31 DH-1A 0.30
T5-8 0.89 TL7-1 0.50 RP-6 0.00 BL-3 1.25
RP-3 0.00 RP-7 0.32 Blank 0.00 BL-5 8.36
T5-2 0.02 PEN-1 0.01 SY-2 0.03 UTS-2 0.01
UTS-4 0.12

Murray Lytle, P.Eng., the Qualified Person on this project, has reviewed this technical information on behalf of the Company.

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