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Vendum Batteries Inc.

May 10, 2011 10:30 ET

Vendum Batteries Announces Its Industry Outlook for 2011

EL SEGUNDO, CA--(Marketwire - May 10, 2011) - Vendum Batteries (OTCBB: VNDB), a US-based battery technology development company, is pleased to announce its industry outlook for 2011.

Vendum Batteries CEO Fraser Cottington said, "With a significant investment in place, we have green lights all the way now; the last 9 months have been spent researching and analyzing various markets, the entire battery patent landscape and of course the R&D we will be carrying out.

"We have identified and signed agreements with top class partners whom we have brought together to create new intellectual property and ultimately new patents. We expect to create highly novel patents, both in regards to the processes and the finished products. Global events in the last 6 months have increased worldwide focus on clean energy harvesting and storage -- Vendum will develop solutions for these and other markets too.

"By mid 2011 is a major milestone regarding the process of patent creation for the next 3 to 5 years... IP creation has and always will be the core of our business. Some patents will be commercialized, others sold off, others will be developed and financed through collaborative agreements. In all, we are very optimistic about the outlook for 2011."

About Vendum Batteries, Inc.
Vendum Batteries is developing patents for non-toxic, carbon-based light-weight batteries and supercapacitors. The paper-thin battery will contain none of the toxic elements used in conventional batteries and its cutting edge carbon nanotube and cellulose-based technology makes it entirely biodegradable. The Vendum Battery will be developed from its current low power capacity, to soon accommodate the ever-increasing global demand for durable battery power for cell phones, iPods, gadgets, human implants and eventually electrical vehicles etc.

Americans purchase around 5 billion batteries, leaving 146,000 tons of battery waste behind, and given that the worldwide personal battery use is a growing $63 billion industry, the potential of this revolutionary non-toxic technology could be enormous.

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