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December 16, 2010 09:02 ET

Venting Through Anonymous Email and Keeping a Diary of Easy Recipes Are Just a Couple of New Creative Apps Released by To Market

To Market Announces Six New Apps For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Dec. 16, 2010) - To Market is thrilled to announce the release of six new apps available on iTunes in conjunction with our developer partner, Robots and Pencils. These exciting new apps are geared to all various industries including Travel, Tourism, Games, Entertainment, Word Puzzle, Golf, and Cooking.

Trash Talk – Vent Anonymously

Do you know someone who is blatantly rude but isn`t aware of it and no one wants to tell them? Trash Talk – Vent Anonymously will send your messages by anonymous email or SMS. You can choose from Sports Trash, School Trash, Office Trash and more. You can even share flirty stories or send anonymous praise.


Cookbookie has over 100,000 recipes from the most popular cookbooks in its database. Features include: Recipe Searching which allows you to enter ingredients and retrieve recipes based on that search, Ask A Foodie can identify foods/ingredients by simply taking a photo and utilizing its extensive network to identify what it is, Socialize Your Kitchen allows you to post your favorite recipes to Facebook and Twitter, Recipe Diary will keep track of your favorite easy recipes, and Request A Cookbook allows you to send an email to our team to add your favorite cookbook!


How many words do you REALLY know? Try to complete the words when given just a few letters. Any word that matches will work, but answer quickly or your time will run out. In Rapid Fire mode, you are given the first 3 letters of the word and you must complete the word game. With each lightning fast response, you`ll earn bonus points and extra time. In Puzzler mode, you are given the first 3 letters of the word and the definition.


Golf course betting made easy! This app is the only golf scorecard application you need on the course. GolfBucks keeps track of all your games including Corners, Nassau, Skins, Match, KP, Presses, side bets and more. GolfBucks takes care of handicap calculation, tracks your own handicap and keeps records of all your games!

Enchanted Cave

Explore 100 levels of critter packed adventure, as you play the hero in a quest game to reach a horde of treasure and a princess in distress. This is a classic adventure game. Equip your character with the best equipment and explore as deep into the cave as you can.

Canadian Mountain Parks Companion (Banff Edition)

The perfect companion for anyone wishing to experience the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies within Banff National Park. Features include Augmented Reality for identifying mountains and lakes through your iPhone camera, Automatic GPS Mapping for positioning, Interpretive Information such as mountain names, hikes, park history, geography, geology, etc, and Points of Interest including viewpoints, picnic areas, trailheads and interpretive signage. CMPC offers unmatched information on more than 250 mountains, lakes and points of interest and includes 400+ magnificent pictures.

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