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May 19, 2008 15:30 ET

Veotag, Inc. Announces $1.2 M in New Funding to Drive Growth

Funding Received From Small Ventures USA

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - May 19, 2008) - Veotag, Inc., a leading Web 2.0 media publishing solutions provider, today announced that it has secured new funding of $1.2 million from Bill Perkins of Small Ventures USA. This additional round of funding will position Veotag to aggressively grow the company and expand in its core markets. Veotag's cost-effective solutions give users the tools to easily publish audio and video to the Internet. Veotag makes it possible to 'tag' a video -- create a table of contents and add links and additional resources -- that allow viewers to see inside a video so they can watch what interests them most. Veotag is a time-saving utility that maximizes the value in every video.

"Veotag is positioned to become the gold standard for video publishing on the Web," said Scott Rhodes, CEO and co-founder, Veotag. "Our technology has the power to enable any organization -- from financial services to non-profits -- to easily share and distribute videos for wide-ranging purposes, including conferences, classroom lectures and sales presentations, with a dispersed audience. Whether the organization is a school board that wants to broaden its e-learning capabilities or a consulting firm that needs to provide seminars to a mobile audience, Veotag's solutions make it all possible."

"Under the strong leadership of Scott Rhodes and his team, Veotag is rapidly growing its customer base and establishing the technology as the de facto standard for audio and video publishing," said founder and president of Small Ventures USA Bill Perkins. "Customers are highly satisfied with the results they achieve with Veotag, and in particular with how Veotag eliminates the need for costly production services. Veotag's ease-of-use and commitment to customer satisfaction have positioned the company as the one to beat in media publishing."

Veotag offers solutions for organizations ranging from financial institutions to governments to non-profits and multi-national corporations. Veotag is suitable for virtually any topic, including training videos, sales presentations, classroom lectures, lab demonstrations, sports games, arts performances, conferences and interviews.

"Veotagged" videos have a clickable table of contents that tells viewers what's inside and that lets them conveniently click to the parts that interest them most. Coordinated slides, notes and links also add richness to the viewing experience. Veotag's easy-to-use tools make it possible for any user, without special IT assistance, to publish videos to the Web.

Videos enhanced by Veotag can be indexed by Google, Yahoo! and an organization's own search engine, allowing viewers to search within videos -- not just for them. As a result, potential viewers who are usually unaware of the videos and their contents can now find them quickly through search engines.

About Veotag

Veotag ( is a dynamic, cost-effective, Web 2.0 media publishing solution for anyone who needs to publish audio, video, and archived web presentations to the Internet quickly and easily. With Veotag, organizations ranging from non-profit organizations to school boards and colleges from financial institutions to major corporations, can add features to make their videos more convenient, memorable, and efficient to watch. Veotag features a patent pending clickable table of contents that shows viewers what is inside the video and allows them to select the sections that interest them most. Veotag enriches the viewer's experience by displaying coordinated slide shows, notes and links within a customized player. Videos enhanced by Veotag can be indexed by Google, Yahoo! and an organization's own search engine, allowing viewers to search within videos -- not just for them.

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About Small Ventures USA

Small Ventures USA (SMV) is a venture capital and private equity firm founded and managed by William O. Perkins III. Based in Houston, Texas, the firm deploys capital across multiple sectors and geographic regions on an opportunistic basis, with a bias toward early stage investment. In addition to funding, SMV provides operational and financial-trading capabilities to its investment portfolio.

Current investments include a Central American liquefied natural gas (LNG) and electricity development project that will represent the largest energy infrastructure investment in the region, as well as development of an LNG importation project off the coast of California.

SMV also holds a media company focused on the financing of artist royalty rights.

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