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VERGNET : Revenue 2007

SARAN, FRANCE--(Marketwire - February 27, 2008) - Revenue 2007: EUR 33.4 million as forecast

Outlook 2008: Revenue to almost double

|Revenue (millions of     |  2007|  2006|
|euros)*                  |      |      |
|First half               |  12.5|  12.0|
|Second half              |  21.0|  25.7|
|TOTAL                    |  33.4|  37.7|
|Wind-turbine division    |  23.9|  29.5|
|Water division           |   9.6|   8.2|
* Figures shown are rounded up or down.

Ormes, 26 February 2008.

As forecast, Vergnet's total revenue for 2007 came to EUR 33.4 million, of which 72% was generated by the wind-turbine division and 28% by the water division. Financial 2007 was a year of transition dedicated to the development of the new 1 MW wind turbine. With this new machine, the Group is embarking on a new phase of its development and is looking to increase its revenue by almost 100% from 2008.

Financial 2007: A year of transition for the Wind-turbine division and 15% growth for the Water division

The Wind-turbine division has undergone a period of transition with the development and production of its new 1 MW GEV HP wind turbine, combined with the expansion, preparation and specialization of water/wind production sites and the acceptance in the second half of the year of 28 GEV HP options, which will be shipped during financial 2008.

For its part, the Water division has grown in line with the expectations of the Group with revenue up 15% to EUR 9.6 million and positive development in the product mix.

Financial 2008: A change of dimension. Vergnet confirms it strong growth outlook

With the launch of the 1 MW GEV HP wind turbine, which is the first model in the new range of high-power wind turbines, Vergnet has consolidated its position on the FARWIND® market, which covers 130 countries and 1.5 billion individuals.

This new range of cyclone-resistant wind turbines is currently the only viable option for 10 - 50 MW wind farms, a market segment with strong growth potential given the increasing demand for electricity in these countries.

Furthermore, record oil prices have only served to consolidate the economic benefits enjoyed by wind generation over conventional oil-based solutions. High oil prices increase (with barrel prices touching $100) is key in accelerating the development of wind power in these regions.

At the end of a transitional 2007, Vergnet has reaffirmed a profitable outlook for 2008, with the Group setting itself a sales target of 38 MW, of which 30 should be GEV HP. This objective is practically guaranteed today with the signing of 28 GEV HP options, equating to 28 MW.

Next meeting on 17 April 2008: Publication of annual results 2007


VERGNET SA was created in 1988 by its current President, Marc Vergnet, a forerunner in sustainable development.

Today, VERGNET is the industrial company of reference in its two core businesses: design and manufacturing of wind-turbines for FARWIND® markets and water conveyance equipment in Africa.

Strong with unique and patented technologies, the Group has commissioned 600 FARWIND® wind turbines to this day, and provides fresh water to more than 40 million people in the world.

The recent increase in oil prices has accelerated the development of the wind power market for VERGNET: the FARWIND®. They are the vast areas (more than 130 countries and 1.5 billion people) where electricity is mainly generated from oil, and where limited infrastructure and logistics don't allow the installation of conventional wind turbines.

With 9 implantation sites around the world (France, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Africa) and 200 employees, the VERGNET Group has achieved a turnover of EUR 33.4 million in 2007.

The Group accelerates its growth by developing a new generation of 1 MW wind-turbines and an innovative range of water conveyance and water treatment equipment. Strong with the extension of its product range and the dynamism of its markets, the Group plans to increase its turnover by 60% per year from 2008, and to significantly increase its operating margin.

The Group is speeding up its growth by developing a new generation of 1MW wind-turbines and a range of water conveyance and treatment equipment. Based on the expansion of its product ranges and the dynamism of its markets, the Group's target for 2008 is to increase annual turnover by 60% and to significantly grow its operating profit margin.

The Vergnet Group has been quoted on Alternext since 12 June 2007 (FR0004155240 - ALVER).


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