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Veri-Cheque Ltd.

December 08, 2009 17:14 ET

Veri-Cheque Insures Your Accounts Receivable Protecting Your Business Against Financial Risk and Bankruptcy

THORNHILL, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 8, 2009) -

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Many retailers count on key peak sales periods, such as the holidays, spring and back-to-school, to keep their businesses afloat throughout the year. Despite the recent recession, optimistic retailers may be enticed to place larger orders to stock their shelves to make up for slow sales this past year and take a gamble on consumers opening their wallets once again.

"Wholesalers can certainly benefit from robust sales during these peak cycles, but this can also leave them open for a financial loss should the sales periods be a bust," says Marvin Rosenzweig, Sales Manager of Veri-Cheque Ltd., a leading Canadian accounts receivable guarantor. The company has been serving clients across the country as a leading cheque and financial protection company since 1978.

In the same way people can buy insurance to protect themselves from job loss or disability, a company can buy credit protection with Veri-Cheque's Receivables Management program that protects their business when customers are unable to pay putting them at financial risk and possibly bankruptcy.

Rosenzweig suggests wholesalers take caution when granting terms to new customers. "Peak seasons also have their downsides," he says. "A good example is early in the new year when companies that didn't make up for lost sales in the holiday season aren't able to pay their suppliers and go bankrupt. Wholesalers should be prompt to collect money when retailers have cash on hand through the peak sales periods."

Veri-Cheque helps businesses expand without increasing risk

As a credit authority to businesses, Veri-Cheque's credit protection and cheque guarantee program allows companies to safeguard their commercial accounts receivable against unexpected financial losses. Companies are guaranteed payment for goods sold to customers anywhere in Canada and can even extend higher credit limits to their customers, thus reducing the chance of nonpayment, in effect allowing them to grow their sales risk-free. In addition, Veri-Cheque provides payment for past due invoices for any returned cheques through its Cheque Guarantee program.

"Our company's credit managers work with each company to better manage their business and increase profits," adds Rosenzweig. "We assume the risk of nonpayment and eliminate the need for expensive debt collection services."

About Veri-Cheque

Veri-Cheque is one of Canada's leading financial guarantors in the area of accounts receivable protecting companies against late/non-payment, bankruptcies, business closures, NSF and fraudulent cheques. With over 30 years of expertise in risk assessment, Veri-Cheque is a credit authority protecting Canadian wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers from unexpected bad debt losses. Offices are located in Vancouver, Thornhill and Montreal.

Visit for more information about accounts receivable or call toll-free 1(800) 268-3284.

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