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March 04, 2010 11:09 ET

Veritas Prep Reveals the Must-Know Considerations for Developing Effective Third Round Business School Application Strategy

As Final Business School Application Deadlines Approach, Leading MBA Admissions Consulting Firm Outlines Critical Factors to Consider When Planning Round Three Admissions Strategy

MALIBU, CA--(Marketwire - March 4, 2010) -  Contrary to the prevailing sentiment in today's MBA admissions landscape that applying in Round Three is a futile task for applicants serious about gaining admission into top-ranked business schools, leading MBA admissions consulting firm Veritas Prep contends that compelling Round Three applications at top programs can still produce acceptance letters as effectively as those submitted in earlier rounds.

In an effort to assist prospective Round Three applicants in making application decisions that bolster their chances of admission, Veritas Prep today outlined key considerations for developing a Round Three application strategy.

"Round Three is no different than any other phase of the business school application cycle -- like Rounds One and Two, an applicant's chances for admission depends on the quality of their application more than anything else," explains Scott Shrum, Director of MBA Admissions Research at Veritas Prep. "While thoughtful, compelling applications will stand out at any stage of the admissions cycle, there are key considerations prospective applicants should heed when planning a Round Three application strategy."

Key points to consider when developing a Round Three application strategy include:

  1. Anything short of excellence is a long-shot in Round Three. Savvy applicants must demonstrate fit with the school while at the same time convey the unique aspects of their candidacy. Admissions offices feel no pressure to admit only marginally-qualified applicants in Round Three; rather, schools will turn to their Round One and Two waitlists to fill out the remainder of their incoming class. If an applicant lacks the time or credentials to craft a strong, memorable application, they may want to consider waiting to apply until the following season.

  2. Be clear about why the application was submitted in Round Three. Round Three is a melting pot of attractive applicants with legitimate reasons for waiting to apply as well as last-minute applicants who hastily throw together ineffective applications. Applicants should be mindful of the message sent through a Round Three application by clarifying for the admissions office why they are applying now versus five months ago. Many applicants are able to improve their candidacies in the time that elapses between the first and last application deadlines, and effectively communicating the reasoning behind application timing may be the difference between an acceptance and a denial.

  3. Think about reapplication strategies, in case it comes to that. The decision of whether to apply in Round Three is often an analysis of "Will I get in?" when it should be "What happens if I don't get in?" Some schools look favorably at re-applicants and allow for a completely new application, while other schools greatly restrict a candidate's ability to tell a fresh story the second time around. Round Three applicants should take inventory of target MBA programs, learn and understand their re-application policies and then factor the long-term implications into the short-term decision of whether or not to apply in Round Three. 

"Applicants are often so concerned by the timing of their MBA applications, and whether there is any inherent advantage in applying in Round One over Round Three, when they should be making timing decisions based on their personal candidacies," continues Shrum. "Like every other applicant in every other admissions round at top-tier business schools, Round Three applicants need to be excellent, and their applications must effectively communicate a compelling story in order to secure admission."

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