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January 31, 2007 11:00 ET

Veritas Tactical Is the Only Civilian Training Company to Instruct U.S. Marines at Camp Pendleton's MCMAP Program

U.S. Marines Learn Weapon Retention/Disarm and Edged Weapon Techniques From Veritas Tactical, a Division of SWAT

WESTMINSTER, CO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 31, 2007 -- Security With Advanced Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: SWAT) (NASDAQ: SWATW) today announced that its tactical training division, Veritas Tactical, completed an intensive training class on MAIC (Martial Arts Instructor Course) for the U.S. Marines at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton on January 24.

Veritas Tactical has a monthly engagement to teach the Marine's instructors to train in specialized combat techniques including a new, custom developed Weapon Retention/Disarm curriculum and a Tactical Edged Weapon program.

"Our nation and the U.S. Marines have a responsibility to maintain the most prepared, skilled fighting force in the world. Veritas Tactical is always seeking the most innovative training methods and the most effective tactics to assist in this goal," said Sergeant Will Trott. "That is why we've selected Veritas Tactical to teach our instructor trainees."

Veritas Tactical focuses on techniques that are directly applicable to new situations and environments faced by Marines deployed in peacekeeping and conflict situations around the world.

"Veritas Tactical has taught at Camp Pendleton on a number of occasions. Every time Veritas comes to teach the Marines of the MAIC they bring new and innovative ideas and techniques that help keep Marines alive in real world combative engagements," said Staff Sergeant Robert Foreman, Staff NCO in Charge MAIC Camp Pendleton.

In countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, armed forces, including the Marines, increasingly face MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) operations and police-type actions involving close quarters fighting, rather than long-range conflicts in open landscapes. Now, more than ever, Marines will engage enemies or insurgents in urban, indoor, close-quarters settings. Veritas Tactical helps instill the judgment, techniques and lightening-quick reflex responses that Marines need to save their own lives and the lives of others in face-to-face combat with the enemy.

"When a Marine clears a corner in a house, or enters a dark cave and encounters an aggressive enemy, the Marine has a split-second window to assess the situation and execute an effective plan of action," said Ben Cook, director of Veritas and chief instructor. "The training that Veritas Tactical offers better prepares Marines for just this type of situation. My instruction team and I are completely focused on developing and teaching progressive techniques specifically for these scenarios. We are committed to saving and protecting the lives of our service men and women."

Veritas Tactical's instructors are the only civilian training specialists invited to instruct classes at MCMAP Camp Pendleton this year. Each of the monthly Veritas classes at Advanced SOI West (school of infantry) is attended by 15-20 Marine instructor trainees who then teach the new skills to active Marines around the world.

Veritas Tactical's training approach encompasses all disciplines of thought to develop innovative training and security options that reach beyond traditional dogmatic training methods. Members of the Veritas instructor team have extensive specialized training, including active duty in U.S. Special Operations, private security for the Department of State, as well as civilian law enforcement. The team currently trains units of the United States military, civilian law enforcement, and teaches at the corporate and college level. The group has a mission to increase the quality of training for law enforcement, governments, corporate workers and civilians worldwide.

Veritas Tactical Curriculums

Veritas Tactical offers appropriate courses for law enforcement, militaries, security personnel and civilians by integrating the best practices from multiple disciplines and customizing a training system to meet the needs of each client. Curriculums incorporate the following skills:

--  Weapon Retention and Disarmament
--  Edged Weapon Defense
--  Military Tactical Edged Weapon (Military & LE Only)
--  Close Quarters Combat
--  Advanced Firearms
--  Force-on-Force
--  Ground Fighting
--  Pain Compliance, Restraint and Control Techniques
--  Tactical Driving
--  High Threat Executive Protection

Veritas Tactical's instructors lead ongoing training programs for its clients and train in-house training staff to become certified in teaching Veritas Tactical's techniques. Veritas Tactical has also developed specialized curriculum currently being used in college courses.

Veritas Tactical Products Division

The company's successful training platform lends credibility to the superior products they are developing to address the greater than $300 million annual force-on-force training market for military and police in the U.S. alone. Veritas Tactical's product development group creates innovative training tools and training aids drawing on decades of experience in product research, development and consulting. The company plans to expand by unveiling its first product in an extensive line of products being developed in 2007.

Veritas Tactical is just one aspect of SWAT's expanding offering of security solutions for large market segments including consumers, security personnel, law enforcement, animal control officers, delivery personnel, pet owners wishing to protect their pets, campers, bikers, and hikers. The company is planning to launch a new line of non-lethal personal protection products from its Avurt division during early 2007.

SWAT: About the Divisions

Avurt distributes and produces non-lethal personal protection devices and compliance products currently in use by federal and state agencies. The new devices when completed will be laser aimed and fire a projectile up to 60 feet away that breaks on impact dispersing a cloud of potent pepper based powder causing a severe debilitating reaction in the target area, effective on most humans and animals.

Veritas Tactical creates innovative training systems and tools to increase the quality of training worldwide for law enforcement, militaries, both private and government, and civilians while decreasing their potential liability and saving lives. The company's credo is "Progressive solutions for impossible situations." Veritas Tactical's product development team is bringing new training tools to market in 2007 to change the face of training. For more information, visit

Vizer specializes in product design, system design, engineering, installation, and integration of facility security systems including access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and wireless mesh network systems. With a focus on network-centric technology and hosted services, Vizer developed a unique proprietary "e-Link" solution which is built around a web hosted software platform and a unique network based device providing business customers complete control over access, alarms, and video systems remotely through a secure and easy-to-use website. This product is sold primarily on the basis of a monthly service fee thereby creating recurring revenue.

ShiftWatch® is a product line of mobile digital video surveillance solutions for public transportation and general security applications. ShiftWatch's full motion, high resolution video system utilizes patent pending video streaming technology and GPS synchronization capabilities to provide agencies with data security and reliability. ShiftWatch's open, standards-based architecture, facilitates interoperability, easing management of the information and communication complexities and leveraging customers' investment in the future. The current TVS 300 product containing significant software and feature enhancements was released in the fourth quarter of 2006. Recent quality testing indicates that the latest version is experiencing hardware-related supply challenges delaying several installations caused by a third party vendor. The Company is actively attempting to mitigate this situation using all means available to it to resolve this problem. This will affect revenues previously expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2006.

About Security With Advanced Technology, Inc.

Security With Advanced Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of mission critical high tech security products and services, which include non-lethal personal protection devices, surveillance and intrusion detection systems and mobile digital video surveillance solutions. SWAT's products and services are designed for government agencies, military and law enforcement, in addition to transportation, commercial facilities and non-lethal personal protection segments. For additional information visit or call the corporate headquarters at (800) 498-7965. Information on SWAT's website does not comprise a part of this press release.

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