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July 01, 2014 15:03 ET

Verity Corp Enters Into Agreements With Viridiun for Organic Feed and Soil Supplements

Company to Lease/Purchase Mill; Signs Purchase Agreement for Organic Recycling for Livestock Producers and Farmers

SIOUX FALLS, SD--(Marketwired - Jul 1, 2014) - Verity Corp (OTCQB: VRTY) (BERLIN: A2Q) (, an agricultural services company offering food producers innovative products and services which improve soil and crop health through the use of environmentally-friendly crop inputs including proprietary soil media, essential trace elements and non-GMO seeds announced today the signing of a lease agreement and purchase agreement with Viridiun, Inc., a leading provider of food recycling services.

Viridiun has provided organic, source-separated, recycling services for grocers since 2010. An estimated 100 billion pounds of food is wasted each year in the U.S., creating a serious operational and sustainability issue for grocers and restaurants. The Viridiun organics recycling program includes the collection, processing, and re-use of organic food by converting discarded organics into products for farmers and livestock producers.

The Viridiun product, coupled with Verity's probiotic formula, converts discarded organics into sustainable products that deliver amazing results:

  • Higher yields
  • Improved soil structure
  • Improved nutrient availability for lower fertilizer requirements
  • Lower disease pressure
  • Lower requirements for pesticides
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved animal feed performance

Innovative Technology Working in Tandem with Verity Proprietary Solutions Adds Value

Verity Corp is lease/purchasing an organic recycling mill from Viridiun and installing the mill in Pelham, Georgia located in an agrarian region of that state. The recycling mill feeds fruits and vegetables through a proprietary conditioner that converts the organic material into homogenous material that can be used as a feed supplement for livestock (Readi-Blend).

A secondary product from this innovative process is a liquid (Readi-Gro) which can be fed to livestock and also used as a soil amendment for farms. Readi-Gro is an Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) registered material.

Another product, Readi-Soil, is produced by recycling fruits and vegetables that businesses discard and feeding the results to earthworms which are essential in breaking down organic matter and keeping the soil aerated. With Readi-Gro there is no need to add chemical fertilizers because the natural process of worm casting creates the most nutrient-rich soil. Working in concert with Verity's proprietary biological media, Readi-Gro provides a slow release of long lasting nutrients that improve the condition of the soil.

Phil Green, Vice President of Sales for Verity Corp, said, "I am excited to bring the synergy of the two companies to the marketplace. Our work with the Viridiun team in the field over the last 2 years has helped to define feed efficiency in our feed programs, as well as to enhance Verity's 'Soil to Plate 'concept. In addition, Viridiun and Verity Corp. have agreed to share all research going forward."

Ongoing Field Testing at University of Georgia

Verity is in its second year of university testing at the University of Georgia forage trials. Concurrently, the company is conducting cotton and peanut trials with the University of Georgia Agricultural Research. 

Richard Kalmovathin, CEO of Verity Corp., said, "As a hyper-growth company developing and servicing the Non-GMO farmer, Verity Corp is fortunate to share this opportunity with Viridiun. The awareness and demand for creative solutions that pioneer the sustainable Non-GMO market is rapidly growing and we believe that relationships such as the Verity-Viridiun strategic alliance give us a unique position in the market space. By forming this strategic relationship with the experienced Viridiun team we are bringing to market innovative, sustainable choices for the Non-GMO farming community."

Kalmovathin concluded, "Verity has a strong commitment towards minimizing the environmental impact in non-GMO farming practices by adding the innovation of processing recycled organic matter to the various Verity programs. Our goal in this final fiscal quarter is to maximize sales revenue and generate earnings for our shareholders."

Verity's ultimate mission is to enable farmers to minimize dependency on chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides resulting in the efficient production of healthy sustainable food. The company entered the Aquaculture marketplace with its recently introduced Pronounce Pond Pucks, an innovative and natural pond maintenance product for fish farmers.

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About Verity Corp

Verity Corp (VRTY) is a sustainable agriculture/non-GMO company offering food producers -- both crop and livestock producers -- a comprehensive program of products and services focused on crop and soil health through the use of environmentally friendly crop inputs. Verity's mission is to enable food producers to minimize dependency on chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides resulting in the efficient production of healthy sustainable food. The company's growing customer base include:

  • Farmers transitioning to non-GMO food production
  • Dairy farmers interested in improving the health of their livestock with revitalized water and non-GMO feedstock 
  • Fish farmers wanting to improve the water quality of their fish ponds without chemicals
  • Professional turf groundskeepers (parks, golf courses, sports fields etc.) and homeowners wanting to reduce their chemical footprint and,
  • Farmers motivated to adopt sustainable solutions for improving soil health and improving yields

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