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January 23, 2014 09:20 ET

Verity Corp Expanding Use of Yield-Plus Products in Verity Sustainable Agriculture Solutions

Yield-Plus Products Enhance Yields and Foster Early Harvests

SIOUX FALLS, SD--(Marketwired - Jan 23, 2014) - Verity Corp (OTCQB: VRTY) (BERLIN: A2Q) (, an innovative agricultural services company offering food producers products and services which improves soil and crop health through the use of environmentally-friendly crop inputs including proprietary soil media, essential trace elements and conventional non-GMO seeds, is expanding the company's use of Yield- Plus' proprietary products.

Richard Kamolvathin, President and CEO of Verity Corp, said, "Verity is enthusiastically announcing our recent business agreement with Yield-Plus. Roger Smith, President of Yield-Plus, offers an outstanding example of a partnership with vision towards the future of agriculture and the highest possible quality plant food to develop the highest quality crops. In our execution of adding to shareholder value, strategic partnerships which create synergy that results in customer satisfaction is a core driving focus moving us towards a stronger footprint in the demand for premium quality food. Yield-Plus is an integral part of the Verity process in converting GMO crops to non-GMO crops."

Roger Smith, President of Yield-Plus, Inc., said, "After thirty years in the plant food business, we've developed our innovative production methods of extracting heavy metals, resulting in the top quality plant food products we have today. Yield-Plus' products have been proven to enhance yields, improve crop quality and foster earlier harvests. Our company's unique active ingredient helps plants during times of stress, such as flower and fruit shedding, which often reduces crop size and quality. I'm looking forward to working with Richard and Verity to gain market share through results. We believe this strategic partnership is a strong match in both value and values."

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About Verity Corp (

Verity Corp (VRTY) is an agricultural services enterprise offering food producers a broad matrix of products and services that focuses on soil and crop health through the use of environmentally friendly crop inputs including proprietary biological media, essential trace elements, conventional non-GMO seeds and the use of Verity revitalized water in all aspects of agriculture. The company specializes in "soil to plate," an agricultural business company offering farmers a broad mix of products and services that focus on soil and crop health through the use of earth friendly crop inputs including proprietary biological media, the use of non-GMO seeds, and the use of revitalized water in all aspects of farming including livestock production. Bio-farming solutions for modern day food producers that are discovering the opportunity and growing demand for healthy, nutritious and sustainable food. Verity's flexible and comprehensive three step production program is unique in its ability to implement domestically or internationally under any climate condition or with any crop. Verity's ultimate mission is to enable farmers to minimize dependency on chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides resulting in the efficient production of healthy sustainable food. 

About Yield-Plus, Inc. (

YIELD-PLUS Agricultural Products sells a plant nutrient solution which enables most plants to tolerate certain types of stress such as heat or drought for longer periods of time. With YIELD-PLUS helping the plant tolerate stress for a few hours, the plant does not immediately launch its primitive defense mechanisms, such as shedding flowers, shedding fruit, slowing or stopping metabolic processes, etc., which could retard growth or reduce fruit load, and subsequent yield. The product can also help plants tolerate stress due to cool temperatures early in the season, up to the point which the plant variety is genetically and physiologically capable of coping. Plants treated with YIELD-PLUS exhibit enhance root structure and foliage, better seed germination, reduced time to harvest and contributes to the plants' ability to resist natural disease. YIELD-PLUS also helps plant tolerate stress resulting when heat, low humidity and wind cause plants to transpire more moisture than their root uptake system can provide immediately.

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