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April 17, 2007 08:00 ET

VeriWave Adds Line-Rate Layer 4 Traffic to Wireless Test Systems

Carrier-Class Client Capabilities and Goodput Tests Replace Inaccurate PC-Based Test Tools

PORTLAND, OR -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 17, 2007 --VeriWave, the leader in Wireless LAN performance and analysis test systems, has added line-rate Layer 4 traffic generation and test capabilities to enable the industry's first comprehensive testing of wireless network, protocol and application performance from a single platform. In becoming the first test solution to enable generation and analysis of fully stateful wireless 802.11 and Ethernet TCP/IP clients on one system, VeriWave's WaveTest solutions offer scalable, end-to-end benchmarking of wireless networks supporting an increasingly sophisticated mix of applications.

Enterprise Wireless LANs (WLANs) and muni-wireless mesh networks continue to grow in size, supporting a more diverse and demanding mix of applications. In turn, requirements for testing infrastructure components have grown to include greater visibility at higher levels of the OSI stack. Equipment manufacturers, service providers and enterprises must be able to precisely predict and ensure performance of laptops, hand-sets, PDA's and other TCP/IP-based devices through repeatable, large-scale testing uniquely offered by VeriWave.

SkyPilot Networks, a leading provider of carrier-class mesh infrastructure solutions, uses VeriWave's newly added capabilities in their quality assurance labs to continuously stress-test the performance of their products. "VeriWave's test suites enable us to verify our performance metrics and demonstrate that our products are able to fulfill the Quality of Service and service level agreements (SLAs) that our service providers require for network scalability," said Brian Jenkins, SkyPilot's vice president of product management. "Now, as user applications increase in complexity, these same customers are asking us for even more granular proof of performance. VeriWave's new layer 4 capabilities help us better document the real-world behavior of multimedia applications such as voice-over-IP (VoIP) and web browsing as clients roam between mesh nodes."

Eran Karoly, VP Marketing at VeriWave, says that as wireless networks scale, service providers in particular are increasingly asking infrastructure manufacturers to demonstrate that applications, as well as equipment, will perform reliably while roaming in mobile environments and meet Service Level Agreements. "Our customers have looked to VeriWave to add capabilities for the creation and testing of stateful TCP clients along with the tests already enabled at layers 2 and 3," says Karoly. "This added capability creates the industry's first wireless carrier-grade test tool for Layer 4 TCP applications, replacing inferior PC-based products that don't provide the required accuracy and can't scale to real-world loading scenarios."

With the addition of Layer 4 TCP/IP clients operating at line-rate and its new unique TCP Goodput test, VeriWave's complete solution reduces the overall cost, complexity and time required to comprehensively test the performance of devices, protocols and applications through Layer 4. VeriWave's stateful Layer 4 test capabilities and its TCP Goodput tests are available to existing customers as a software upgrade.

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