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April 24, 2006 09:00 ET

VeriWave Introduces Industry-First Standardized WLAN Benchmark Performance Testing

IEEE Draft 802.11.2 Benchmarking Tests Speed Development, Optimizes Performance of Access Points, Switches, Controllers

PORTLAND, OR -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 24, 2006 -- VeriWave, Inc., the leading provider of performance analysis test systems for wireless local area networks (WLANs), is introducing its "802.11 WLAN Performance Benchmark" application for measuring the performance of WLAN equipment according to the IEEE 802.11.2 draft standard. The new application enables the first automated, repeatable testing and measurement of key performance metrics such as throughput, forwarding rate, packet loss and latency of large-scale systems.

VeriWave's recently released WaveTest 90 traffic generator / analyzer introduces the industry's first automated, qualitative testing for use in developing enterprise-class WLAN systems. By emulating thousands of independent WLAN clients, WaveTest 90 speeds development cycles and reduces the time and costs associated with development, Quality Assurance (QA), production, and deployment of WLAN equipment. Enterprise networking departments and service providers use the WaveTest 90 to compare WLAN equipment from different vendors enabling them to verify manufacturers' claims. The WaveTest 90 system measures critical performance metrics such as capacity, roaming and mobility, security and Quality of Service (QoS).

Scott Bradner, Senior Technical Consultant at Harvard University, commented: "Standards for measuring performance have been critical to the development of consistent vendor data on performance and to the acceptance of Ethernet LANs as the backbone of corporate networking. The same challenges exist today with wireless LANs, but the measurement methodologies had to be modified to address the unique demands of this technology." According to Bradner, the IEEE is taking an important step in defining the set of tests needed to reliably quantify WLAN network performance. "VeriWave's new 802.11 WLAN Performance Benchmark is the necessary component for WLAN equipment vendors to improve their offerings, reduce their time-to-market, and increase development efficiency using supportable performance measurements for their products," said Bradner.

Dave Molta, Director of the Center for Emerging Network Technologies in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University, says the evolution of WLAN testing stands to benefit vendors as well as users. "The ability to conduct automated, repeatable performance tests can help bring more powerful products to market faster and at lower costs," says Molta. "Products like VeriWave's WaveTest 90 bring wireless technology closer to parity with its wired counterparts, making it viable to expect the same functionality and value."

Part of the WaveApps suite of tests for the WaveTest 90 system, the 802.11 WLAN Performance Benchmark prescribes a process for complying with the IEEE 802.11.2 draft standard for measuring WLAN equipment performance. The 802.11 Performance Benchmark introduces:

--  Automated, repeatable testing in accordance with processes defined by
--  Scalability of tests to tens of thousands of WLAN clients, hundreds of
    WLAN Access Points and multiple WLAN switches and controllers;
--  The ability to precisely measure key metrics: throughput, forwarding
    rate, packet loss, latency;
--  Optimized coordination between product developers and testing teams,
    speeding the time required to detect and fix bugs and refine quality;
--  Automatically generated executive reports to convey results to senior
    management or to customers;
--  Regression testing facilitated through automated scripts;
With thousands of WLAN products in development, VeriWave's CTO Tom Alexander, Technical Editor of IEEE Draft 802.11.2 standard, says the emergence of qualitative testing will promote vendor profitability and the maturation of the WLAN market in accordance with industry forecasts. "The WLAN market is evolving rapidly as forecasted, yet system vendors and big corporations still lack the ability to apply performance metrics as they do in other areas of networking," says Alexander. "Our solutions give them the ability to describe, repeat and improve performance during development and deployment."

Pricing & Availability

The first in VeriWave's WaveApps series of performance tests for the WaveTest 90 Traffic Generator / Analyzer, the 802.11 WLAN Performance Benchmark test is available and lists for $6,000.

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