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October 20, 2009 15:35 ET

VeriWave Launches First Video-Over-WiFi Quality Test

WaveVideo Measures Quality of Viewing Experience of 802.11n-Based Consumer Video Services and Corporate Video

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - October 20, 2009) - VeriWave is introducing the industry's first solution to measure the quality of video streamed over WiFi-based consumer services, video security networks and corporate video conferencing services. The new WaveVideo lets makers of WiFi Access Points, Video and Media Gateways, IP based video surveillance cameras, and Set Top Boxes accelerate time to market while ensuring top performance. Service providers and corporate IT departments are equipped with a tool to select vendors, optimize network design and troubleshoot the end-user experience.

"High-quality video is clearly the next 'killer app' for Wi-Fi and many vendors and service providers have been waiting for the IEEE 802.11n standard to become officially ratified to fine-tune new offerings," says Eran Karoly, VP Marketing at VeriWave. "Our new WaveVideo tests are currently the only way manufacturers, service providers and users can evaluate the ability of networked devices to handle video on WLAN networks. Our tests allow users to precisely measure streaming video quality and to actually see what the viewers will see on their end -- from pixilation, to video jitter, and loss of synchronization between audio and video."

The new WaveVideo test suite precisely measures the impact of WiFi networks and devices on streaming video of varying qualities including standard and high-definition. WaveVideo is unique in that testers can load the network by generating hundreds of video steams and measure how well specific devices will handle streaming video by viewing video clips before and after they pass through the System Under Test (SUT).

Seeing is Believing

"Evaluating video quality on any kind of network is a ferociously difficult task to begin with, and on wireless links such work can be more than challenging, even for experienced engineers," said Craig Mathias, a Principal with the wireless and mobile advisory firm Farpoint Group (Ashland, MA). "I'm very pleased to see VeriWave's new WaveVideo product, which will allow us to make objective and quantifiable measurements under the wide range of conditions inherent in Wi-Fi testing of any form."

VeriWave Traffic Generator / Analyzers are used to create, view and analyze hundreds of independent video flows of varying type and qualities, such as HDTV 1920 X 1080i, HDTV 1920 X 720p , SDTV 480 X 480i, VGA 640 X 480, VGA 320 X 176, view the chosen video clips and analyze their content.

Along with the diverse library of test clips, the WaveVideo solution allows users to assign expected Service Level Requirements (SLRs) and other quality scores to individual clips and also to test the performance in specific network environments. The VeriWave solution also includes pre-defined traffic profiles representing typical users of wireless video such as healthcare, residential, education and corporate offices.

The solution targets both Wireless LAN (WLAN) Infrastructure and "user side" devices such as TVs, cameras and set-top boxes:

     Testing Corporate WLAN infrastructures and Consumer wireless networks:
     Wireless LAN (WLAN) Access Points, Media and Video Gateways are tested
     using the VeriWave WLAN Traffic Generator / Analyzer to create
     hundreds of independent WLAN video sessions. Upstream WiFi video
     sources such as corporate video conferences or surveillance cameras
     are generated using 802.11n 3 x 3 MIMO traffic generation while
     Gigabit Ethernet is used for downstream traffic.

     Consumer, Residential & Other "User" Devices:  Set-Top Boxes, IPTV
     sets, surveillance cameras and other user-side video devices are
     tested by loading WaveAgent, VeriWave's light-weight test client onto
     the device being evaluated. In tandem with VeriWave traffic
     generators, WaveAgent measures and reports quality and performance
     from the standpoint of the client-side device.

At the conclusion of each test, users receive detailed performance reports and quality metrics from the VeriWave system comparing actual performance to the desired SLR set by the tester. Each video flow is scored for quality using the Media Delivery Index (MDI) as well as individual average latency and jitter measurements, with quality compared to user-set Service Level Requirements (SLRs). Media descriptors such as the coding type, frame rate, and aspect ratio as well as I, P, and B frame distributed over time are monitored.

To aid in pinpointing variables impacting performance and to map and measure the effects of raw packet loss over time, the percentage of I, P, and B frames corrupted over time is reported.

Pricing & Availability

The WaveVideo application is available now and is priced starting at $7,500 per licensed VeriWave test port.

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