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January 25, 2010 08:00 ET

VeriWave Launches WaveInsite -- the Fastest Way to Conduct "Over the Air" WiFi Interoperability & Performance Testing

Industry's Simplest, Fastest Test Setup Speeds & Optimizes 802.11n Deployments

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - January 25, 2010) - With a flurry of 802.11n WiFi deployments expected in 2010, VeriWave is introducing the fastest way to conduct "Over the Air" (OTA) interoperability and performance tests of WiFi Networks. With mere minutes of setup time, WaveInsite lets testers configure, conduct, and repeat a series of revealing tests measuring the most important factors impacting the user experience -- speed, throughput, goodput, loss, scalability, voice quality, and vendor/device interoperability.

WaveInsite allows WiFi device and infrastructure manufacturers to significantly reduce the time and cost of interoperability and performance testing during development and QA. The solution also gives Systems Integrators & end-users the fastest, most precise means of selecting vendors, designing and deploying networks for optimal performance and certifying new networks and devices. With setup times as quick as 2 minutes, VeriWave's WaveInsite is the first solution to make it practical to test effectively metrics such as goodput and voice quality MOS scores on an ongoing basis.

WaveInsite sports a single-page dashboard that requires no more than 5 clicks to begin interoperability testing. OTA testing is conducted and results collected from VeriWave's WaveAgent, a tiny software utility loaded onto the client device to report on performance from the end-user's point of view.

"In WiFi networks, the user experience depends heavily on the interaction between wireless devices such as laptops or smartphones, and the network infrastructure," says Eran Karoly, VP Marketing at VeriWave. "This interaction is best tested onsite, but that has traditionally been very time-consuming and expensive. With WaveInsite, testers can easily and quickly conduct various 'what-if' tests of interoperability and performance between endless combinations of Access Points (APs) and clients."

Features of WaveInsite include:

--  The use of WaveAgent to simultaneously measure forwarding rate, goodput,
    loss, latency, and MOS scores indicating voice quality.
--  Automatic generation of a simple-to-read PDF report after each test.
--  Automatic comparison of test results against user pre-set Service Level
    Agreements (SLAs) to gauge end-user satisfaction.
--  Simple "pass/fail" testing ensures each client is receiving its fair
    allotment of bandwidth.
--  Integration with VeriWave's WiFi traffic analysis blades to "sniff" the
    air and quickly determine the root-cause of less than expected performance.
--  Integration with VeriWave's traffic-generation capabilities to create
    eco-system traffic and test the behavior of real clients under high-load
    traffic conditions.

VeriWave's "OTA" Testing Methodology

VeriWave introduced "Over the Air" (OTA) test capabilities in 2009, allowing testers to run revealing tests of real-world performance on site or in simulated real world test environments like empty office buildings. By combining actual clients from real devices with VeriWave-generated clients to create a full traffic load, vendors, integrators and users can test actual devices for interoperability in fully loaded networks to measure and ensure scalability, throughput and other key aspects of real world performance. Previous to OTA testing, testers could either benchmark performance, or test interoperability, but could never combine both.

Pricing & Availability

WaveInsite is available now and pricing for 10 WaveAgent licenses starts at $9,995.

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