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January 10, 2011 08:00 ET

VeriWave and NTS Help WiFi Manufacturers Pass FCC Tests of New Devices Sharing Spectrum With Radar

New "WaveDFS" Solution Integrates and Automates Intensive Testing of Channel-Changing Capabilities to Ensure First-Time Certification; Avoid Costly Delays

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - January 10, 2011) - VeriWave is announcing the WaveDFS test solution designed to ensure Wireless LAN (WLAN) Access Points and other WiFi devices sharing radio bands with radar, pass mandatory certification tests required by the FCC, ETSI and other worldwide regulators. WaveDFS integrates and automates testing of critical Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) capabilities, reducing setup time and effort while increasing the likelihood of new devices passing on the first try. VeriWave developed WaveDFS working closely with National Technical Systems (NTS), a premier test lab who partook in developing the FCC's test procedures for WiFi devices now operating in the unlicensed 5 GHz bands.

The tests required by the FCC and other regulatory authorities include demonstrating that 802.11n-compliant Access Points (APs) will automatically vacate a radio frequency when higher-priority radar traffic requires the channel. The overall process includes extensive pre-testing by vendors, generally performed in a certified test facility such as the NTS Elliot Laboratories, then advance submission of their own test results, and subsequent retesting by the FCC for verification. The entire process can take several months so that any glitch forcing vendors to start over can delay the release and profitability of new products by many months.

WaveDFS leverages NTS' vast expertise with RF and DFS testing, and combines signature components of VeriWave industry-leading RF test solution -- WiFi traffic generation, radar pulse generation, automated testing and reporting -- into a cohesive, integrated system. By eliminating multiple stand-alone devices and automating the configuration of tests and test traffic, WaveDFS can save companies thousands of dollars and reduce weeks of engineering time to mere minutes.

"We've worked closely with VeriWave to devise a solution that helps manufacturers achieve DFS compliance very quickly and efficiently with reduced equipment and programming efforts," said Gaylon Morris, General Manager of NTS Elliott Laboratories. "WaveDFS targets the greatest challenges inherent in DFS testing, such as the complexity of programming radar waveforms and the effort needed to integrate traffic generators, devices being tested and software used to measure performance."

WaveDFS leverages VeriWave's signature traffic-generation capabilities to create both the WiFi and radar traffic needed in DFS testing, along with measurement and reporting software. WaveDFS offers the industry's only solution that:

  • Produces all FCC, ETSI and Japan pulse types, including the new proposed Bin 1 FCC without additional pulse-definition software or time-intensive DSP programming
  • Sources and syncs traffic without requiring external devices and media players
  • Performs critical "Detection Bandwidth" and "Detection Probability" tests automatically
  • Automatically detects Channel Change Announcements emitted by Access Points

"Many WiFi manufacturers are contending with dynamic frequency selection for the first time since the finalization of 802.11n and the stakes are very high," says Eran Karoly, VP Marketing at VeriWave. "Inadequate pre-testing not only increases the risk of failing FCC tests, which increases delivery times and development costs, but of releasing products that fail and incur fines or cause WiFi to be prohibited from using certain channels. In working with NTS, we've taken the hassles out of testing so that manufacturers don't have to leave critical questions unanswered in order to stay on schedule."

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