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August 26, 2009 08:00 ET

VeriWave Revolutionizes Interoperability Testing to Speed Adoption of 802.11n

WaveAgent 2.0 Becomes First Solution to Combine Testing of Specific Devices and Fully Loaded Networks

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - August 26, 2009) - VeriWave, Inc., leading provider of performance and functional testing of WiFi networks and devices, is introducing WaveAgent 2.0 for Interoperability Testing, enabling vendors and users of mission-critical mobile equipment to see how specific devices and applications will interact and impact fully loaded live networks. Using VeriWave's new WaveAgent 2.0 for Interoperability Testing, users can combine real traffic from actual devices with test traffic for the first time to conduct comprehensive "what if" testing in fully loaded networks and peak conditions before taking the network live.

WaveAgent 2.0 revolutionizes cross-platform interoperability and network performance testing. Previously, testers were limited to using a small number of third-party devices to test interoperability while conducting separate tests using traffic generators such as VeriWave's to measure performance in loaded real-world conditions. By combining the two, WaveAgent 2.0 lets both equipment providers and users see exactly which brands, models and configurations will perform and interact best in existing networks and planned deployments.

"With the recent introduction of our 802.11n AP1140 and 5508 controller, Cisco is continuing to deploy 802.11n networks at a rapid pace," says Jake Woodhams, Senior Manager, Technical Marketing at Cisco Systems. "We must verify the ability of our solution to meet the demands of an increasingly wide variety of clients and applications and VeriWave's WaveAgent 2.0 helps us achieve this goal. The WaveAgent 2.0 interoperability testing solution allows us to conduct verification of real-world-loaded, large networks. In addition, WaveAgent 2.0 allows us to scale from one AP to multiple APs permitting true system level assessments that better mirror the conditions of our customers' networks."

WaveAgent 2.0: "No Installation Necessary"

The WaveAgent 2.0 executable maintains an extremely small footprint and is supported on most mobile platforms, revolutionizing testing for manufacturers and users alike:

    IT Managers are typically reluctant to install network performance
    monitoring applications on end-user devices for fear of compromising
    security, and of straining end-user computers. VeriWave overcomes these
    issues by allowing managers to simply plug a USB memory stick running
    WaveAgent 2.0 into laptops or remotely downloading it into other
    devices. Resource usage is minimal and the test application is never
    installed on the actual devices making WaveAgent 2.0 highly efficient
    not only for initial interoperability and deployment testing but for
    measuring ongoing performance.

    Truer results for manufacturers: At just under 64 Kbytes, WaveAgent 2.0
    does not interfere with the performance of devices during testing as
    many competing solutions do. The uniquely efficient solution delivers
    more information measuring performance of 802.11n chipset / driver
    combinations as well as end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics
    such as forwarding rates, stateful TCP goodput, loss, jitter, voice MOS
    and voice R-Value.

"With the ratification of the IEEE 802.11n standard this fall, the floodgates will open on new deployments and the introduction of WiFi devices used in mission-critical environments," says Eran Karoly, VP Marketing at VeriWave. "The ability to precisely measure how a new device will impact and perform in a particular user's ecosystem benefits both manufacturers and enterprise IT professionals. Manufacturers now have the ability to make recommendations to users, while enterprise IT professionals are able to decide which products to buy and how to configure the network for maximum performance and reliability."

Application Highlights

VeriWave's WaveAgent 2.0 interoperability testing lets both WLAN infrastructure vendors and manufacturers of mobile devices such as smart-phones, patient monitors, transaction terminals and printers reduce development costs and speed new product introduction. Adding interoperability testing introduces an unprecedented level of efficiency as well as confidence that products will work as advertised.

Along with the small footprint, WaveAgent 2.0 is distinguished by its ability to support various protocol layers -- UDP, TCP, voice -- and its support for a wide range of widely used operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Mobile, and Linux.

The new solution enables:

--  Pinpointing of interoperability issues between clients and the network
    infrastructure: Traditionally when poor performance was observed,
    determining the root cause proved tedious and time-consuming. Being able to
    distinguish client issues from network issues dramatically speeds
    resolution, minimizing costly delays and finger-pointing;
--  Network Proof of Concept validation: Infrastructure vendors using
    dedicated open air test environments in empty office buildings have to date
    been limited to testing with a small number of laptops. With WaveAgent 2.0,
    specific brands and devices being considered can be tested in fully loaded
    scenarios using emulated clients for unprecedented visibility into the
    conditions under which new products will excel;
--  Vendor selection, testing of market/vendor-specific features, device
    certification: WaveAgent 2.0 lets network users validate vendor claims, and
    test proprietary features such as security capabilities and Space-Time
    Block Coding (STBC) using actual devices in fully loaded scenarios.

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