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April 16, 2008 14:24 ET

Verizon Holds Strong, Auto Manufacturers Battle It Out, Pepsi Scores With Most Impressions and McDonald's Sweeps Quick-Serve Category

IMMI Releases March Advertising Research Index Revealing Ad Exposure in Eight Consumer Product and Service Categories

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - April 16, 2008) - If you went to the McDonald's drive-through in a Toyota, ordered a Pepsi with your meal and paid for it with your Visa card while talking on your Verizon phone, maybe it was because of the advertising. This according to the March advertising research indexes from Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI). IMMI is a leading provider of consumer behavior data to media companies and advertisers.

Every month, IMMI computes advertising research indexes across radio and TV in different product categories. Each index sets 100 as the average; the percent of individual IMMI panel members reached by an advertiser in a category is compared to the average to generate an index number. For most advertisers an index of 80-120 is average compared to their competitors. Above 120 is above average, below 80 is below average. The complete indexes are available at

In the wireless service category, Verizon continues to dominate cross-platform advertising among males 18-54 with a score of 176. AT&T came in at 120, Sprint 104 and T-Mobile a distant fourth with a score of zero.

Index rankings among automobile manufacturers were relatively consistent among all demographic groups and media platforms, with Ford, Toyota and Chevrolet running neck-and-neck. Saab, Saturn, Audi and Hummer all maintained a lower-profile during the month than their competitors.

When it comes to insuring all those cars, Geico continues to outpace its rivals in both reach and frequency by a huge margin. Geico outspent its competitors last year with $559 million on measured media last year; State Farm spent $319 million and Allstate, $370 million. This month's indexes show the media blitz continues with the average listener hearing a Geico ad 10.7 times compared to Allstate, Progressive and State Farm at half as much.

Coke and Pepsi made for an interesting comparison, with Pepsi dominating in overall reach and Coke taking the top slot in frequency of ad exposure. Pepsi garnered an index score of 109 in cross-platform advertising to Coke's 91. The scores flipped when it came to frequency, with Coke at 110 and Pepsi at 90.

Other highlights: In consumer banking, Bank of America and Chase ranked at the top with Citibank and Capital One at the bottom; McDonald's swept all categories and demographic groups in quick-serve food; Visa was the master of overall reach, with American Express scoring big in frequency.

The IMMI cross-platform measurement strategy evaluates the effectiveness of campaigns on multiple platforms. In addition to providing a more accurate analysis, this also gives marketers insight into using their budgets more efficiently and increasing their reach by exploiting the synergy between media platforms. In each brand category, IMMI provides three charts: the frequency chart includes indexes based on how many times a person was exposed to a brand ad; and the reach chart compares the number of people reached by any ad (television, radio, or other) for the brand to the average reach for the category; the cross-platform chart provides indexes based on the number of people who were exposed to both a television and a radio ad.

IMMI's research is implemented through a panel that mirrors U.S. Census results for fundamental demographics in key markets. IMMI provides thousands of panel members in key markets with a mobile phone, asking them to carry it with them wherever they go. The mobile phone is equipped with a technology that creates digital signatures of all the audio media (television, radio and movies) to which it has been exposed. IMMI can determine viewing audiences, as well as certain types of consumer behavior based on a timeline of when the media was viewed or heard.

Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI) is the developer of an end-to-end media measurement system that links media exposure to consumer action. Using a mobile-phone-based digital monitoring system, IMMI tracks almost all media 24/7 and helps businesses evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. IMMI is based in San Mateo, Calif. More information is available at

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