September 07, 2011 07:00 ET

Vermont Rail System Uses OAISYS Tracer Call Recording Solution to Keep Communications on Track

Records Phone and Radio Calls for Review, Sharing and Compliance

TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwire - Sep 7, 2011) - OAISYS®, a leader in business call recording and contact center management solutions, helps keep regional rail service operator Vermont Rail System (VRS) on track with the OAISYS Tracer call recording solution. VRS relies on the Tracer contact center management solution to capture and record both telephone and radio calls for process adherence, service and regulatory compliance.

Calls handled by VRS fall into three main categories. First are calls between the dispatch center and train crews to receive authorizations for movement and instructions for the day. Second are calls from the general public concerning safety and operational related issues, such as signals flashing at a grade crossing. Third are calls from VRS management inquiring about train location, remaining crew hours, and arrival and departure times from terminals.

In order to comply with Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) requirements and to evaluate dispatcher and employee performance, VRS looked for a state-of-the-art recording solution that would allow them to store, play back, and review both their telephone and radio-based communications.

After bringing dispatch duties back in house from its previously outsourced provider, VRS needed a recording solution that was easy to manage, could handle both telephone and radio calls, was easily searchable, and provided adequate storage.

"Previously, we'd used a really basic PC with some off-the-shelf software," said Selden Houghton, VRS IT/Special Projects Manager. "It was very unorganized, haphazard and unreliable. It worked, but it was cumbersome because we had to tie in our phone system and two different radio channels into a single, basic, analog interface. There was no database attached to it and no data compression. It was extremely inefficient and extremely unreliable."

"We recommended Tracer by OAISYS because it was the best solution for the customer's needs," said C.G. Frink, President of Northeast Information Systems, an OAISYS Channel Partner. "The flexibility of being able to cover the phone lines and the radio channels was paramount, and Tracer was the obvious choice since its interface and the software would work well with their various audio sources."

The ability to record radio calls on the local switching channel in the Rutland yard was one of the key differentiators that made Tracer the ideal fit. "We've never, ever been able to reliably record that yard channel in the past because no system could handle the amount of data it produces and the amount of space it needs," Houghton said. "Today, Tracer handles the channel really well, even though it reqjuires almost non-stop recordings. It's very important to have the recordings in the case of an issue in our switching yard. We previously had many times when we wanted the local channel recordings, but they were not available."

He continued, "Now, I know that if we have any reason to need a recording, we can easily and reliably retrieve the call we want. That was definitely a big bonus from Tracer."

About Tracer:

Tracer is the industry's leading call recording solution for contact centers. Tracer also leverages OAISYS PVD technology paired with advanced contact center management features, including customizable employee performance evaluations, live and auto call monitoring, quality and resource utilization reporting and synchronized desktop video recording capabilities.


OAISYS® ( is a leading developer of call recording and contact center management solutions for a wide range of organizations, from small- to medium-sized businesses to multi-site large enterprises. The OAISYS voice documentation and interaction management solutions help companies within a variety of industries -- including healthcare, automotive dealerships, financial services, and the public sector -- attract and retain customers by digitally capturing phone-based interactions for simple retrieval, playback and management. Compatible with leading business communications system providers, OAISYS Tracer and Talkument applications help companies improve risk management, quality assurance, customer retention, dispute resolution, regulatory compliance requirements and other critical business concerns. OAISYS is headquartered in Tempe, Ariz. OAISYS Limited is located in Cambridge, England.

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