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July 13, 2005 09:05 ET

Versatel Networks IQ1500L® VoIP Media Gateway Solution Rated 'Excellent' by InfoWorld Test Labs

InfoWorld Credits Versatel's EdgeIQ Media Gateway's Superior Test Center Capabilities, Including Excellent Interoperability, Density, Redundancy, and Array of Revenue Generating VoIP Applications

GATINEAU, QC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 13, 2005 -- Versatel Networks, a leader of VoIP second generation intelligent media gateways and revenue generating applications, today announced that its IQ1500L® product has received the highest score of any media gateway that InfoWorld has tested several times over the past year. The IQ1500L [part of the EdgeIQ family of products] is the only media gateway solution that has received an 'Excellent' rating by the InfoWorld Test Center.

In the InfoWorld review the editor stated, "It's hard to imagine what else could be done to improve Versatel Networks' IQ1500L media gateway. When I looked at the previous version [IQ1500] several months ago, it was already a very capable product. Now it's been improved, expanded, and offers quite a bit more. It is very robust and scaleable and offers Versatel's customers significantly more than almost anything like it on the market today."

The reviewer also highlighted key advantages and unique capabilities of the IQ1500L, including:

--  Intelligent call routing and least-cost routing means the IQ1500L can
    determine when to send a call across the PSTN, either because it's a local
    call or because there's an outage in the IP network. In addition, it
    chooses the least-cost network consistent with preset call-quality
--  Also new is a bundle of revenue generating features, including
    customizable Ringback tones, CallPods collaboration tools and the ability
    to switch between protocols on a phone using GSM and Wi-Fi.
--  The IQ1500L's APIs and developer's toolkit give this product potential
    that other media gateways lack. You can even develop your own telephony
    applications to fit your specific needs.
--  Edge of the network placement and built-in conferencing and call
    routing lightens the load on PBXs, allowing it to handle more callers.
--  Thanks to its soft switch capabilities, as well as its high level of
    standards support and interoperability, the IQ1500L interacted with all the
    SIP PBX products we tested at the University of Hawaii's Advanced Network
    Computing Laboratory.
--  The IQ1500L is redundant and has automatic fail-over. Despite the
    added guts, the IQ1500L takes up exactly the same space as did its
    predecessor, giving you effectively twice the bang for the same three rack
--  The product acts as a security gateway, for example, and hides the
    topology of the phone system from the outside world in much the same way a
    NAT firewall does on a data network.
"We're extremely pleased that InfoWorld has recognized how unique, comprehensive and manageable Versatel Networks' EdgeIQ VoIP solution really is," said Ray Vilis, Vice-President of Product Line Management at Versatel Networks. "Our customers' requirements genuinely fuel the robustness of the IQ1500L product. For example, to successfully retain and grow their customer base, carriers must now provide cutting edge, quick-to-market applications that provide needed services and distinction to the end-user. The significant growth Versatel has experienced in the independent telco market is a direct reflection of being a customer driven company."

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InfoWorld Test Center Scoring Methodology

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