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September 08, 2010 08:30 ET

Version 2011 of the Altova MissionKit Adds Charts and Reporting Across Multiple Tools

Analyze XML, Database, and XBRL Data With Unique Reporting Functionality and Support for Chart Creation Across the Product Line

BEVERLY, MA--(Marketwire - September 8, 2010) -  Altova® (, creator of XMLSpy®, the industry leading XML editor, today announced the availability of Version 2011 (v2011) of the Altova MissionKit®, its integrated suite of XML, database, and UML tools. In Version 2011, Altova adds ground-breaking support for creating charts and reports based on data in XML files and other sources, such as databases, XBRL, and more, in XMLSpy, StyleVision®, MapForce®, and DatabaseSpy®. Version 2011 delivers numerous other important enhancements, such as a schema flattener and subset creator in XMLSpy, modeling of SQL databases in UModel®, a new scripting editor for creating interactive Authentic® electronic forms, and much more.

"With the release of Version 2011, we're excited to deliver powerful support for charts and reporting across the product line. This first-of-its-kind functionality will bring a whole new dimension to the way our customers display and analyze XML, database, XBRL, and other types of data. The new reporting tools are truly unique to the Altova MissionKit, making it the only XML tool set in the industry that supports the creation of charts using XSLT or XQuery," said Alexander Falk, President and CEO for Altova. "As with previous releases, we've also added numerous new features based on customer requests, such as SOAP validation, schema flattening and subset creation, database modeling, and much more. Our goal is that these features -- together with the new, dynamic chart and report creation -- will give our customers all the tools they need work with and extract timely information from today's most prevalent standards and data formats."

Each of the tools available in the MissionKit 2011 includes several new features:

  • XMLSpy 2011 -- XMLSpy 2011 adds support for creating meaningful, eye-catching pie, line, bar, and gauge charts based on XML data. XMLSpy 2011 is the first and only XML editor on the market to support chart creation. Users can now visualize and analyze numerical XML and XBRL data directly inside XMLSpy -- no more exporting to Excel or other tools! Charts are created with a few clicks and include highly customizable data selection, titles and axis labels, fonts, colors, and more. They can easily be saved to the clipboard, printed, saved as an image, or saved in XSLT or XQuery code for use in other stylesheets or applications. What's more, charts are dynamic, reflecting new relationships as soon as the underlying data changes. This functionality also allows users to create charts to display results delivered by XMLSpy XSLT and XQuery Profilers, a powerful way to analyze and communicate performance data.

    Other new features added to XMLSpy 2011 include the validation of SOAP messages against their WSDL definition and the SOAP specification, a new schema flattener that allows users to write all the dependent files included in a schema into one file, and the ability to create a new schema from a subset of a larger schema.

  • MapForce 2011 -- Version 2011 of the MapForce data mapping tool provides unique functionality for rendering reports to analyze the results of data mapping projects, as well as other enhancements. Through integration with StyleVision, MapForce 2011 users can generate dynamic, automated reports based on the results of their XML and XBRL mappings, using an associated StyleVision design template. Reports may include charts based on the mapped data, as well as other advanced reporting features, and can be previewed instantly and/or saved as HTML, Word, or PDF documents (available output formats depend on the StyleVision edition installed). All this means that reports can now be generated for virtually any data format -- databases, EDI, Excel 2007+ and more -- directly inside this powerful data mapping tool.

    In addition, MapForce 2011 provides support for chained transformations, enabling users to create complex mappings in which the output of one mapping becomes the input of another. This adds to MapForce's ability to execute fully automated run-time transformations. MapForce now also allows users to easily convert numbers, dates, and times to their string representations using a variety of different formatting functions and extends support for UN/EDIFACT and ANSI/X12 EDI messages and transaction sets.

  • StyleVision 2011 -- With Version 2011, StyleVision delivers multiple advanced reporting features, including ground-breaking support for charts in XML, database, and XBRL reports. Charts can be rendered for multi-channel output in HTML, Word, and PDF, as well as in electronic forms. StyleVision 2011 makes it easy to insert different configurations of 2D and 3D pie and bar charts, line graphs, and gauge charts into StyleVision report designs. Chart data is selected using XPath statements, either by inputting the statements directly or using the XPath Builder for those less familiar with XPath syntax. Adding to its XBRL rendering capabilities, StyleVision 2011 can now generate charts from within XBRL reports using a comprehensive XBRL Chart Wizard. Users can customize chart data by manually selecting category or series values. The addition of charting to StyleVision's already powerful general purpose reporting capabilities makes for an advanced and highly scalable decision support tool for XML, database, and XBRL content.

    To further assist StyleVision designers working with Authentic, the addition of a scripting environment adds the ability to create powerful interactive data entry applications. For users working with HTML/CALS tables, StyleVision 2011 will now automatically recognize values dictating table structure and apply them to the rendered output. Rounding out its flexible reporting functionality, StyleVision 2011 also gives users the ability to import existing XSLT files to use as the basis for their designs.

  • Authentic 2011 -- Altova's XML and database content editor for business users, Authentic 2011, can now be used as a completely customizable editing solution via scripts embedded in StyleVision designs. Using event handlers, macros, and forms created by designers in the StyleVision scripting interface, Authentic 2011 users are now able to interact with XML and database reports and forms while entering data. Authentic users will also now be able to view and in some cases even indirectly edit charts and graphs that were designed in StyleVision. This combined functionality means that Authentic can now be used as a robust browser-based or desktop data entry application, allowing non-technical users to easily add data in valid XML and database formats via its intuitive, interactive interface.

  • UModel 2011 -- In Version 2011, Altova's UML modeling tool adds to its advanced software modeling functionality with a new SQL database diagram for modeling relational databases along with programming language-based applications. Users can now import existing tables from all popular relational databases to create UML database diagrams, modify diagrams for existing tables, generate SQL database change scripts when program code is synchronized with an UModel project, and design new database tables and relationships from scratch. New teamwork support allows large projects to be split into subprojects accessible by multiple users, and three-way project merge allows subprojects that have been edited independently to be managed and merged. Enhancements for working with State Machine, Sequence, and Communication diagrams have also been added to UModel 2011.

  • DatabaseSpy 2011 -- Reporting functionality has also been added to Version 2011 of DatabaseSpy, Altova's multi-database query, design, and database comparison tool with support for a new set of charting features to graphically represent relational data or the results of calculations performed in SQL statements. Chart labels, colors, dimensions, and other aspects are highly customizable, and finalized charts may be saved as an image file or copied to the clipboard. This functionality helps DatabaseSpy users quickly and vividly display, analyze, and communicate numerical data in a way that's simply not possible with tables of numbers. 

    DatabaseSpy 2011 is now available in Professional and Enterprise Editions. Current users of earlier versions of DatabaseSpy with a valid Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) may download and install the DatabaseSpy 2011 Enterprise Edition, which includes the new charting functionality, as a free upgrade.

  • AltovaXML 2011 -- AltovaXML is an XML standards processor that contains the same XML validation, XSLT, XQuery, and XBRL validation engines that power XMLSpy. With the release of Version 2011, AltovaXML is available in Community and Reporting Editions. AltovaXML 2011 Community Edition contains all the functionality in the 2010 version and remains free. AltovaXML 2011 Reporting Edition requires a paid license and includes support for chart extension functions to render charts via XSLT or XQuery transformations, making it the only XML processing engine to support chart rendering.

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