June 01, 2005 16:14 ET

Very High Speed DSL Standard to Accelerate Universal Access to Multiple Broadband Services

FREMONT, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 1, 2005 -- Welcoming the latest standardised DSL specification from ITU-T (G.933.2) for very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line 2 (VDSL2), announced on 27 May 2005, chairman of the DSL Forum, Michael Brusca says: "With vendors' implementation of this new ITU-T Recommendation, service providers can offer even more high quality, advanced services using DSL technology. It represents another essential element in the delivery of universal broadband access for multiple applications, in every region of the world and demonstrates the continuing dynamic development of the technology.

"In addition to enabling very high speed internet access of up to symmetrical 100 Mbps (both up and downstream), VDSL2 is specified to support applications such as multi-channel high definition TV (HDTV), video on demand, videoconferencing, and VoIP, all using the existing ubiquitous copper telephone line infrastructure. That capability combined with its ATM, Ethernet and IP compatibility plus the capacity for multimode implementations enabling interoperability with existing ADSL equipment, means that VDSL2 will integrate readily into legacy and next generation telecommunication networks."

Facilitating rapid deployment of advance services over all types of DSL and driving universal access to broadband and its benefits are the primary objectives of the DSL Forum's technical and marketing work. Specifically for VDSL, the DSL Forum is currently working on the definition of testing criteria in the context of its interoperability programme. In parallel, work is underway to create specifications for the common provisioning platform for home gateways and video and voice services that will reflect the need for ADSL, ADSL2plus and VDSL2 deployments.

DSL is already the predominant access technology in almost every country around the world and continued to grow at the rate of more than one new subscriber every second throughout 2004 -- outstripping every other access technology's growth. It is also at the core of evolving next generation networks.

At the DSL Forum's summit meeting in Budapest (9-13 May 2005), Peter Vetter of Alcatel, and project co-ordinator of the European Commission-funded Multiservice Access Everywhere (MUSE) research consortium of 34 organisations, identified the evolution to higher bandwidth around Europe as key to meet growing customer needs and the opportunities of triple play. By 2010, MUSE expects that 10% of Europeans will have 10 Mbps or faster services delivering triple play, HDTV and more.

With the new VDSL2 standard in place, services based on speeds of 25 Mbps will be available to most customers and up to 100 Mbps on short loops as part of today's reality, powered by DSL technology.

Commenting on the completion of the new VDSL specification by the ITU-T, Tom Starr, vice president of the DSL Forum, said: "The industry is constantly pushing out the limits of DSL performance. With a platform of high speed DSL, service providers can confidently launch the full suite of triple play services, knowing that this intelligent and efficient network has what it takes to provide the quality of delivery that their customers require."

Two DSL Forum board directors will be chairing key panels at SUPERCOMM 2005, covering VDSL2 and the next generation architecture:

--  Tom Starr, vice president, DSL Forum and lead member of technical
    staff at SBC, will chair the session on New DSL Technologies and Standards
    for the Evolving Copper Access Network (T12C) on Tuesday 7 June, 2:15pm -
--  Jeri Pitoniak, board member, DSL Forum and senior director, Broadband
    Network Systems, Samsung Telecommunications America, will lead a panel
    entitled DSL: High-Speed Multimedia (M11C) on Monday 6 June, 2:30pm -
    4:00pm, focusing on the technology's significant role in enabling the
    triple play.
The DSL Forum's next meetings will be held in Philadelphia (19-22 September 2005) and Munich (5-8 December 2005).

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