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Epic Entities, Inc.

July 15, 2015 09:00 ET

Veteran Vegas "Bartender-Turned-Inventor" Gives Rise to Successful American Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Recent National Market Launch of The Original I've Got My Back® Proving Hugely Successful

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jul 15, 2015) - American entrepreneurialism is alive and well in Las Vegas, Nevada, where veteran bartender-turned-inventor David Screen has turned an innovative solution to a confounding personal care problem into an exciting new consumer product now in high demand across the country.

Like all of us, Screen struggled with applying soap, lotion and sun tanning oil to his own back with any meaningful effectiveness, much less evenly or easily. Tough to reach one's own -- unless you are a professional contortionist, caring for the skin on the human back has largely been one of those conundrums that most just view as "out of sight, out of mind." However, for people who suffer from dreaded back acne or other skin conditions requiring medication; are serious about protecting all of their skin from potentially cancerous sun damage; or simply are desirous of being diligent about total skin care; self-application of creams, gels and oils to the back have presented unique challenges to mankind since, well, the beginning of time. Screen, a professional bartender who has spent the past 30 years slinging cocktails at some of Vegas' most popular bars and casinos, was one of those people who took skin care seriously, yet failed to give caring for his back much meaningful thought. Until, that is...

Several years ago while on a beach vacation, Screen suffered a severe and painful back sunburn despite his efforts to apply ample sunscreen. As a result, the duration of his get-away was spent indoors avoiding further exposure to the sun, limiting his participation in the resort's many outdoor activities that he had planned (and paid) to enjoy. Convinced that someone -- somewhere -- had surely invented some clever method for self-applying sunscreen with relative ease, he was both amazed and frustrated to discover that no effective solution existed. Consequently, his own personal, painful experience was the catalyst that spurred him to invent The Original I've Got My Back®The result of nearly eight years of research and development, Screen's innovative product's flexible design, medical grade materials and patented FloDirectEdge® technology elegantly coalesce to provide the most effective, reusable solution for personal back skincare. Designing it with a wide strap, clever thumb-hole design and sturdy travel case for easy stowing, Screen developed a solution that requires very little effort to use and readily allows comfortable and effective self-application of lotion to the entire back and shoulders.

Screen said, "I assumed that some smart company or practical scientist out there had surely solved this problem and couldn't believe that no one had. So, I figured 'why not me?!' Then, I argued that if I could develop an easy, effective self-application solution, then surely there would be others who would want to buy it! Convinced I was onto something big, I formed my company, Epic Entities, and set out to become a true American entrepreneur, pioneering in-demand, underserved personal care solutions."

Since the national market launch of I've Got My Back just two months ago, demand for Epic's premiere product has been notably strong and is gaining rapid momentum. Initially offered only through its dedicated website found at, the product can now be purchased directly from several leading specialty retailers and physician's offices located in California, Colorado and Nevada. "While I had confidence that I've Got My Back would ultimately prove successful with customers of health spas and sun tanning salons, I am thrilled that our solution is also fast winning a loyal following of specialty healthcare providers, such as dermatologists and geriatric care specialists, and with niche retailers, such as tattoo parlors." 

Continuing, Screen added, "In the past 30 days, we have introduced a new wholesale marketing program that is serving to transform our business! At this pace, it is my hope to formally retire from the hospitality industry within the next year to focus all of my time on establishing I've Got My Back as the world's definitive back skin care solution for every man, woman and child. One thing is certain: I'm living the American dream and couldn't be more thankful for the amazing support and positive reviews that our new customers, stockholders and business partners have so generously provided us."

Made 100% in the U.S.A. with package assembly managed entirely by disabled Americans, Epic Entities donates a portion of every I've Got My Back unit sold to WestCare Foundation, a non-profit organization engaged in helping real people who need real help with substance use disorders, mental health disorders, domestic abuse, homelessness and other vital health and human issues.

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Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Epic Entities is an emerging personal care company focused on building a portfolio of proprietary personal care products that effectively address everyday consumer problems and underserved markets on a global basis. Guided by a strict ethical code and value system, the Company is committed to manufacturing all of its products in the USA and employing the disabled for all its assembly and packaging requirements. The Company's premiere product is the patented I've Got My Back lotion self-applicator, available for purchase online and through specialty retailers and medical offices located in the western U.S. For more information, please visit

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