March 20, 2013 10:00 ET

Veveo Adds Three New Patents to Growing Intellectual Property Portfolio

Inventions Advance Next Generation Search, Personalization and Intelligent Usability of Products and Services for Connected Devices

ANDOVER, MA--(Marketwire - Mar 20, 2013) - Veveo, a leading provider of semantic technologies to bridge the usability gap in connected devices and applications with intelligent search, discovery and personalization solutions, announced today the issuance of three new patents, bringing its total count of patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to 34. Veveo has filed more than 67 patent applications to date for advanced technologies that support more than 100 million connected devices and televisions globally through Tier-1 service providers, device OEMs and payTV operators.

The Veveo application entitled: System And Method For Finding Desired Results By Incremental Search Using An Ambiguous Keypad With The Input Containing Orthographic And Typographic Errors, was assigned USPTO number: 8,370,284. This patent covers the concept of a computer-implemented user-interface system for incrementally finding, ordering and presenting one or more items on a display device, when the input has typing and phonetic errors.

The application entitled: User interface methods and systems for selecting and presenting content based on user navigation and selection actions associated with the content, was assigned USPTO number: 8,375,069. It covers a user-interface method of presenting a collection of items in which the presentation is ordered, at least in part, based on navigation and selection behavior of a user learned over time.

The third application, titled: Methods and systems for selecting and presenting content based on a comparison of preference signatures from multiple users, was assigned USPTO number: 8,380,726. The patent covers a method of selecting and presenting a subset of content items to a user based on content item selections by other users having similar preferences.

"Our patent portfolio includes a number of ground-breaking technologies that Veveo has invented to enable the next generation of search, personalization and intelligent usability of products and services for connected devices," said Murali Aravamudan, founder and CEO of Veveo. "Among these, our new conversational interfaces are receiving tremendous response among Tier-1 service providers, device OEMs and payTV operators for usability solutions that help make their products and services more successful in the world of burgeoning video content. In addition, we're excited that our technologies are starting to get attention in new market verticals, such as Enterprise."

About Veveo
With more than 100 million deployments worldwide through leading device OEMs and Tier 1 service providers, and 45 million TVs supported by leading payTV operators in US and Canada, Veveo is redefining how users experience connected devices and applications in natural and intuitive ways. Based on the company's patented Knowledge Graph semantic platform, Veveo products enable advanced solutions for search, recommendation, discovery and navigation that offer intelligent, intuitive and efficient usability. These technologies further enable the implementation of intelligent conversational interfaces to bridge the gap in usability for connected devices and applications with natural language and speech based interfaces.

Veveo's semantic solutions are designed to deliver rich, hyper-personalized user experiences that anticipate user intent, driving higher engagement, content consumption, and monetization of products and services for device vendors, service providers and enterprises, across platforms of smartphones, tablets, TVs, and set-top boxes.

Founded in 2004, Veveo's customers include Comcast, Cablevision, Rogers, AT&T, DirecTV, and Nokia. The venture-backed company is based in Boston, MA and has a growing intellectual property portfolio of more than 67 patent applications, with 40 issued and allowed patents. For more information, visit or find us on Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.

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